Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You [喜歡•一個人] – Episode 2 Recap

A reveal is made, and we see a little peek under Kai Qi’s grouchy exterior.

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We left off with Kai Qi opening the change room curtain to see Ah Jie. She’s not event fazed (though Ah Jie gets adorably flustered), and tells him that his body has nothing to see. I DISAGREE. Anyways… she tells him that since he saw her changing, it’s only fair for her to see him like this. Plus, he’s a guy, so he can change outside. With that, she pushes him out of the change room and closes the curtain. Poor Ah Jie.

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Everyone reintroduces themselves to Ah Jie, but since the characters are all pretty supporting, I’m sticking to Gangster, chef-guy, waiter-guy (tall one), maid girl, headphones girl, and best friend girl. Le Xuan vouches that he should work inside (meaning the kitchens), while best friend girl says that interns are interns, and he should start outside (ie, as waitstaff). Everyone looks at Kai Qi, and she says that they should test him to know his skill level.

As Ah Jie cooks, headphones girl has a premonition that he’ll end up with a girl at the restaurant. Which one? She doesn’t know.

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Ah Jie makes a delicious looking breaded chicken dish with a cream sauce, but pauses at the end and hesitantly squeezes half a lime over everything. Aw, looks like he’s trying to hide his skill 😦 The staff eagerly gather around to try it, and one by one gag over the sour taste. Only Kai Qi looks at him funny, and she tells him that his dish was perfect up until the addition of the lime. Everyone now unanimously votes for Ah Jie to work outside.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.11.43 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.12.35 PM

As Ah Jie starts dicing vegetables in preparation for the day, he muses aloud that Kai Qi must not be married. Gangster gets all riled up (aw, does he like her?), and chef-guy laughs that with her temperament, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Ah Jie is still confused, and mutters that she must not have had a kid if she didn’t even have a boyfriend. When Gangster gets riled up again, Kai Qi comes by and tells them all to knock it off. Ah Jie stops her to ask if she’s always had this grouchy attitude, and she tells him to mind his own business.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.17.19 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.15.56 PM

Le Xuan confronts the executive chief after overhearing best friend girl and Gangster talking about how he threw the competition. Oooh looks like he added salt to the dish behind his back. Le Xuan is understandably upset and disappointed when the executive chief flat out tells her that she’s just a pretty face, it didn’t matter to him who became sous chef because Kai Qi has skills, and Le Xuan brings in customers.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.26.16 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.26.21 PM
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When Kai Qi parks her moped at her apartment, she spies the same blue car from the restaurant earlier. Who should it belong to but…Ah Jie! He smiles at her, and she barks at him to go away. She’s not impressed that an intern can afford a car like that, and Ah Jie tries to cover by saying it’s his friend’s car. He walks beside her to the apartment building, and Kai Qi yells at him to stop following her. He replies that he’s not, since he lives in the same building. When they get to the elevator, Kai Qi tries to push the button at the same time as Ah Jie. She’s incensed to learn that he was the one who brought her home when she was drunk, and tells him that she hates mixing work and outside life. She’ll make his life hell as his neighbor, so he’d better have a high endurance or leave.

Ah Jie just leans forward and tells her that, “to make you feel emotions, I just have to make it competitive. In that case…you’re actually pretty cute.” Smile. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.30.42 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.32.23 PM

A disgruntled Kai Qi walks into her apartment to see Xiao Yi still on the couch. When her mom refuses to take him back, Kai Qi takes it upon her self to drive him to his dad. Once they get there though, Kai Qi has to pound on the door for a few minutes before the dad comes outside. He tells Kai Qi that he’s getting married now, and that his fiancé is expecting, so he can’t take care of Xiao Yi. He didn’t even want Xiao Yi, and her sister never wanted to get married to him anyways. Booooo what an awful guy.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.34.04 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.35.50 PM
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Xiao Yi grabs onto Kai Qi’s purse strap, but she accidentally knocks his hand off when she moves forward to yell at his dad. Fed up with another deadbeat dad, Kai Qi tells him that from here on out, he has no claim to Xiao Yi, because she’s going to take care of him. Except…Xiao Yi is nowhere to be seen when she turns around. It turns out that he was hiding behind a bus map, and only comes out after Kai Qi frantically shouts his name, asking him to come back home with her. They hug, and they return home where Kai Qi’s mom is waiting for them. Aw. Kai Qi tells Xiao Yi that if he is ever sad or misses his parents, to just think of her, because she will be there to take care of him and protect him from here on out.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.40.36 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.41.03 PM

The next morning, Ah Jie wakes up in a good mood, ready to take on Kai Qi. Let me just re-wind a few times to see that shirtless scene….
He cheerfully greets her good morning, but Kai Qi ignores him and tries to push into the elevator. Ah Jie squeezes in first, and so Kai Qi reaches in and pushes every. single. button. Hehe 😀 She then waves goodbye, and gets into the elevator next door.

Except…her elevator stops after 1 floor…because Ah Jie requested it haha. He comments that it’s so unfortunate that someone childishly pushed all the buttons in his elevator, and then grins to himself as Kai Qi humphs.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.42.35 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.48.34 PM

The restaurant is in trouble, as their inventory of Beluga brand black caviar is completely exhausted. Kai Qi demands to know who took inventory, and Ah Jie raises his hand. Kai Qi then asks who delegated this task to the newbie, and he points to chef-guy who reported the issue. Gangster asks Kai Qi what they should do, and she directs him to go to a nearby store to buy more caviar (the restaurant’s signature dish is a champagne soaked lobster with caviar). Le Xuan looks furious that Kai Qi is giving orders, and barks that Kai Qi will go get it, along with Ah Jie.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.56.23 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.58.25 PM
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The store nearby doesn’t have the caviar either, and since they’re the major supplier of smaller chains, it looks like there won’t be any caviar to be bought. Ah Jie says that he knows a friend who might lend them some, and directs Kai Qi to the restaurant we first saw her at. She remarks as such, saying that she found the food (in particular the dessert), really good. In fact, she asked to see the chef as well – Louis. Ah Jie is astonished and pleased to find out that she liked his cooking, but once inside the restaurant tells his friend not to blow his cover as the intern. Though Kai Qi looks at them weird for their behaviour, she thanks Ah Jie’s friend Enzo for the caviar, and the two head back to Figaro.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 6.08.14 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 6.10.25 PM

The staff applaud Kai Qi for her skill at getting caviar when there seemed to be none, and chef-guy tries to suck up to her with lots of flattery. Le Xuan is even more displeased to see this, and picks on Kai Qi even more by telling her the steak is too raw, and that the sauce she made needs to be richer. Ah Jie steps in during the steak critique, commenting that in France, the optimal rarity for the steak was 30%, and since the customers are French, Le Xuan would agree that a raw steak is best, right? Le Xuan could only agree. Kai Qi doesn’t want or need Ah Jie’s help though, and she tells him as such.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 6.20.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-30 at 6.25.23 PM

During her break later, Kai Qi’s mom calls to say that Kai Qi’s grandmother is sick, and she has to go take care of her. This means that Kai Qi has to pick up Xiao Yi from kindergarten after work, and take care of him. It’s sweet to see Kai Qi slowly growing accustomed to raising a child, and she hesitantly asks Xiao Yi what he wants to eat (Pizza), and just looks at him until asking if he wants to wash TV.

Before long it’s time for his bath, and Kai Qi has to help him undress and wash. Being the 6 year old he is, Xiao Yi splashes the water, getting himself and Kai Qi soaked. She peels off her top shirt, leaving only a white undershirt on (which is now transparent from the water). When she hears the doorbell, Kai Qi goes to open the door…to see Ah Jie looking at her. HA. End.


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This drama is very adorable! It’s definitely family relationship oriented, which I am very, very glad for. I’m also loving Kai Qi’s character, because it’s not some spoiled relationship (yet) that has caused her to mistrust men. It’s the father figures she’s seen in her life, and the abuse she’s seen her mother have to go through. It’s sweet to see her tough shell crack a bit around Xiao Yi, because she has to start thinking about what little kids would like, and how little kids would think, rather than just what adults (or herself for that matter), would like. I also appreciate that while Ah Jie isn’t cowed by her attitude, he doesn’t pressure her to be nice, or sweet. He just requests that she treat people with respect.

Note: I’ll probably update this post with HD screenshots of that wake-up scene… 😉 UPDATED. enjoy the slideshow everyone 😛


4 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You [喜歡•一個人] – Episode 2 Recap

  1. Awesome, recapping is a tiring job but I think this is a pleasant drama that deserves more love from people. Jasper Liu is so adorable!! Btw, Puff and Jasper were chatting with fans in Pleasantly Surprised’s official facebook page yesterday and through reports, it seems that Jasper is super embarrassed by that naked wake up scene, HAHAHA! So adorable, he’s liking rolling on the sofa and screaming, “why don’t you let him wear his clothes!!!” LOL!!! It’s eye candy for me though.

    link to the news report

    1. Hehe if I love the drama I don’t mind recapping 😛
      AHH that’s so adorable. Hahaha “that’s so disgustingggg. Why can’t he wear clothesss”. I’m still waiting for DF to upload the HD version so I can update the recap with some nice pics 😉

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