Celebrity Instagrams

So I know that most (okay pretty much all) Chinese/Taiwanese celebrities have weibo, but for some of us who struggle with Chinese characters, it can be a tad difficult navigating the website. I have a solution for all of you 🙂


Surprisingly, a lot of Taiwanese/Chinese celebs have instagram now, and will post in a mix of Chinese and English! Here’s a list of the celebs I have found, as well as a link to their instagram! Note: I understand there’s a lot of cross-over between actors/singers, but I organized them by what they are primarily/currently known for. Aaron and Puff are currently becoming more known for acting, so they’re in both sections.


Aaron Yan: http://instagram.com/aayan1120
Angelababy (Not Taiwanese, but she’s been in Taiwanese Films): http://instagram.com/angelababyct
Annie Chen: http://instagram.com/chen_ting_ni
Beatrice Fang: http://instagram.com/beatricefang
Cherry Hsia: http://instagram.com/cherryhsia#
Christine Fan: http://instagram.com/christinefan
Cindy Wang: http://instagram.com/cyndiloves2sing
Chen Bolin: http://instagram.com/chenbolin
Chen Zhi Wan: https://www.instagram.com/okgogooo/
Cheryl Yang: http://instagram.com/cheryllovel0ve
Chloe Wang: http://instagram.com/chloe__wang
Daniel Mu Chen: https://www.instagram.com/danielmuchen/
Danson Tang: http://instagram.com/dt_0902
Eddie Peng: http://instagram.com/yuyanpeng
Godfrey Gao: http://instagram.com/godfreygao
Jack Li: http://instagram.com/mejack
Jasper Liu: http://instagram.com/ryu19860812
Jenna Wang: http://instagram.com/jenna76525
Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit): http://instagram.com/jirorocker
Joe Cheng: http://instagram.com/joseph820619
Jolin Chien: http://instagram.com/jolin_chien
Kirsten Ren: http://instagram.com/rongrong1122#
Kunda Hsieh: https://www.instagram.com/hsieh_kunda/
Larysa/Rei Sha: http://instagram.com/larisa_cem
Lego Li: http://instagram.com/lllego#
Li Chung Lin: https://www.instagram.com/chunglin0920/
Mian Mian: https://www.instagram.com/mianmian0309/
Michelle Chen: http://instagram.com/yanxi531
Puff Guo: http://instagram.com/aohsuehfu
Show Luo: http://instagram.com/showlostage
Sonia Sui: http://instagram.com/suitangtang
Sunny Wang: http://instagram.com/sunnyboyyy
Vanness Wu: http://instagram.com/____________v____________
Xiu Jie Kai: http://instagram.com/lefthere036
Yao Yao : https://www.instagram.com/yaokuo/

A-lin: http://instagram.com/lulin168#
Alien Huang: http://instagram.com/aes_alien

Cindy Wang: http://instagram.com/cyndiloves2sing
Da Mouth:


Elva Hsiao: http://instagram.com/hsiaoelva


Kimberly Chen: http://instagram.com/kimble_#
Magic Power:

Miss Ko: http://instagram.com/misskonyc

Show Luo: http://instagram.com/showlostage
Wilber Pan: http://instagram.com/willpan23


Blackie Chen(entertainer/host): http://instagram.com/blackielovelife
Janet Hsieh (Host of FUN Taiwan): http://instagram.com/janetagram
Kang Yong Cai (host of Kang Xi Lai Le): https://www.instagram.com/kangyongcai/
小S/Xiao S (host of Kang Xi Lai Le): https://www.instagram.com/elephantdee/

I’ll keep updating these as time goes on! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Instagrams

    1. Ooooo thanks kat! I actually lined up another post already, so maybe I’ll have feature instagram posts instead. 🙂

      HK….I’ve never watched an HK drama, so I don’t think it’ll be too relevant haha. Thank you anyways though!

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