Celebrity Instagrams Pt 2.

More instagrams to share/feature! Never fear, the original post is updated with these new instagram accounts 🙂


Alien Huang: http://instagram.com/aes_alien
Angelababy (Not Taiwanese, but she’s been in Taiwanese Films): http://instagram.com/angelababyct
Cindy Wang: http://instagram.com/cyndiloves2sing
Janet Hsieh (Host of FUN Taiwan): http://instagram.com/janetagram
Jasper Liu: http://instagram.com/ryu19860812
Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit): http://instagram.com/jirorocker
Miss Ko: http://instagram.com/misskonyc
Show Luo: http://instagram.com/showlostage
Tia Li (Dreamgirls): http://instagram.com/leeyufen



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