Celebrity Instagrams Pt. 4


Part 4 of the instagram series! 🙂 Remember to check the masterpost for the fully updated version!

A-lin: http://instagram.com/lulin168#
Annie Chen: http://instagram.com/chen_ting_ni
Beatrice Fang: http://instagram.com/beatricefang
Cherry Hsia: http://instagram.com/cherryhsia#
Chris Pan/Gaga (Magic Power): http://instagram.com/monkeypanchris#
Elva Hsiao: http://instagram.com/hsiaoelva
Harry Chang (Da Mouth): http://instagram.com/harrychang1122#
Jack Li: http://instagram.com/mejack
Jolin Chien: http://instagram.com/jolin_chien
Selina (S.H.E): http://instagram.com/selinanahaha
Sean Huang (Magic Power): http://instagram.com/mpseanhuang#


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