Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You [喜歡•一個人] – Episode 9 Recap

This episode exposed the big rift between Hao Wei and Kai Qi, as well as gave everyone an excuse to clean up and dress nice.

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We left off with Kai Qi asking Ah Jie if he’ll stay by her side. He agrees, but then looks uncomfortably away. Later than night, he tries to fall asleep but can’t, and berates himself for not telling Kai Qi about leaving Taiwan – they’re friends, why should he hide it?

Meanwhile, Hao Wei is curled up in a fetal position. Le Xuan stops by and scolds him for baiting Kai Qi and speaking so harshly. She hands him stomach medicine – he can’t handle any sort of spicy food – and asks him again why in the world he can’t get over Kai Qi.

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We flashback to that fateful day. Kai Qi’s dad had been asking students where the manga club was, and Hao Wei, ever eager to help, had introduced himself and brought him to the right location. While making small talk, another member of the manga club enters and presents Hao Wei with an envelop of 50,000 NT and teases him about being successful in his confession later. Kai Qi’s deadbeat dad doesn’t miss a beat (haha puns) and starts laying it on thick on how much Kai Qi talks about Hao Wei, and how helpful he is. Hao Wei beams, but then realizes that he never asked deadbeat dad why he was here – Kai Qi is in cooking class until 4. Deadbeat dad concocts a story about how Kai Qi’s mom gave Kai Qi the bill money today, but she’s in class and can’t give it to him and it’s due by 3:30. Kindhearted Hao Wei gives him the club money, saying that Kai Qi can pay it back since she has the bill money, and dad literally salivates upon touching the envelope. He also tells Hao Wei that he’ll tell Kai Qi a location to meet Hao Wei for the confession….except Kai Qi never showed.

Back in the present, the kitchen is revamping its menus, and Ah Jie makes an intricate salad that wins over the executive chef.

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The executive chef tries to find excuses to stay in the kitchen because he wants to ogle stare  gaze appreciatively at Le Xuan. At crew’s lunch break, gangster chef’s protectiveness over Kai Qi is revealed. She was the one who gave him his job, and took a chance on him. For that, he is forever grateful.

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In a flashback, we see Manager friend (Bao Chu) turning down gangster chef. He asks angrily if it’s because he was in prison, and Kai Qi sees him as he moves to take his ramen filled backpack. She tells him to hold up, and asks him to carve an apple into a flower. He does a pretty decent job, but Kai Qi tells him to carve 50 more. When she turns to leave, she looks back, asking why he isn’t following her. Aw.

Later that night gangster asks headphones girl what she told the Japanese lady who ran in, but headphones girl tells him to just stay out of it. He ends up meeting the Japanese lady later, and it becomes clear that she’s involved with some member of a gang who won’t let her leave – as evident by her bruises. Gangster pushes an envelope of money to her, and tells her that he’ll be there for her before leaving.

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The next day, the executive chief announces that the restaurant owner has decided to hold a black tie party for the employees and celebration for the competition winners and Figaro’s success. We are treated to a lot of…filler eye candy, as first the executive chief, then Le Xuan, try to dress the guys up. They finally all end up cleaning up rather well however, and are a real treat to behold. Le Xuan drags Kai Qi away to get glammed up, and I’m just wondering why Le Xuan didn’t give herself the same good advice she gave Kai Qi.

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The love triangle resurfaces a bit, when Ah Jie tells Kai Qi that she really looks beautiful, and they start joking and teasing around. He invites her to dance, and it seems that Kai Qi is starting to see him in another light. Le Xuan inadvertently finds out from the restaurant owner (also Ah Jie’s dad) that Ah Jie is his son, and steals Ah Jie away for a dance after he and Kai Qi finish theirs. Don’t think I don’t saw you starting at the two of them Kai Qi!

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A somber Kai Qi runs face to face with Hao Wei, who was invited on the pretense of helping the restaurant improve when it remodels its menu. She asks him why he hates her so much, but he doesn’t offer any explanation. I’m not sure why he doesn’t try and clear up the misunderstanding (maybe he likes pretending to be wronged), but at this point it’s just annoying.

Ah Jie and Kai Qi go outside to get some air, and whaddaya know, the other character I detest most comes out to talk to them right away. It’s the older brother, and it’s sweet how Kai Qi immediately steps between and grabs Ah Jie’s hand. Ah Jie cuts off his brother from talking about him leaving (though not soon enough for Kai Qi not to get the gist of it). He tells her he’ll explain later, but I’m not sure if he means to keep that.

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Hao Wei sees Kai Qi and Ah Jie still holding hands after the brother leaves, and runs away from Le Xuan to go skywatching with a pained expression on his face. It’s actually rather sad how endearing he was back in university, when he helped Kai Qi with her astronomy assignment. He did ask if she ever though Chopper and Luffy would get together, and while she had said yes (prompting him to grin like a maniac), it’s obvious that she’s unaware as to the parallels he drew to the two manga characters.

Back in the present the next day, Le Xuan demands to know why Kai Qi keeps hurting her brother, and what she said to him the other night. He disappeared, and Kai Qi finally finds out that her father was the cause of all the strife so long ago. End.


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First off can I just say how much I love Kai Qi’s outfit? Especially after seeing the back (I’m a sucker for backless dresses!)

We cleared up a bunch of secrets, though not all yet (still have to work out Ah Jie leaving 😦 ). I’m not going to lie, this episode was 2/3 filler of pretty/pained expressions. I like that Le Xuan isn’t as petty as she could have been made out to have been, and that she and Kai Qi really could be great friends if Kai Qi and her brother didn’t have such an awkward relationship/history. I’m hoping this keeps up, rather than Le Xuan becoming an annoying evil character again.


4 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You [喜歡•一個人] – Episode 9 Recap

  1. I originally thought this KQ/HW thing was completely one sided, but then the star gazing scene plus the convenience store flashback when she made him the instant noodles made me think otherwise. Sure, HW obviously is more interested, but (I can’t remember which ep now) KQ says later things might’ve happened between them if that misunderstanding didn’t happen…

    Guess it doesn’t matter now tho… since it will be KQ/AJ now.

    1. I agree, I originally though KQ/HW was purely one sided, and so I wasn’t a fan of HW because he seemed to be projecting his feelings onto KQ. After seeing the star gazing scene though, I think that she was just more reserved about it.

      TBH though I do think that KQ/AJ work better because she responds to him better. Even in uni with HW she never had the same warmth as she does with AJ.

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