Giving Thanks

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a while since my last post… as most of you should know I’m currently back in school, and unfortunately that means less time for dramas 😦

My post today though is because I wanted to wish everyone a happy [Canadian] Thanksgiving, and a happy harvest 🙂 I’m ever so grateful to every single person who visits GMD, and especially thankful to those of you who have stuck around to continue reading, commenting, and just chatting with me on Twitter.

That being said, as a little gift from me to you, I’m offering to make banners for anyone interested! Just comment below which actor/actress you want, any words/phrases you want, as well as your preferred banner dimensions! I would offer to make backgrounds, but unfortunately I don’t know of many high quality 1200×1600 photos :/

You can check out samples of my headers here or see a few below!
Much love and good wishes to everyone! ❤

copy-godfrey_gao11.jpg fengshaofeng.jpg aaron_ethan_collage_lines.jpg


HeiSui @ MyDramaTea’s Banner!


NeeNee @ AsianAddictsAnonymous’s Banner!


5 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve decided what I would like my header to be of:

    Size: 1180 x 250 pixels
    Drama: Da Mo Yao (Sound of the Desert)
    Character: Wei Wu Ji (played by Eddie Peng)
    Text: My Drama Tea

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