Taiwan 2014 Golden Horse Awards

Hey guys! This past weekend marked the 51st Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan (see last year’s here), and as with any big awards ceremony, there was quite a bit of drama and interesting fashion choices. The Chinese film Blind Massage swept the awards, collecting six awards out of their seven nominations (including best feature film!), while Ann Wei from Hong Kong won best director (her third) for the historical film The Golden Era.

Drama and fashion will be discussed below! Feel free to skip past the awards if they’re not your thing. Drumroll please…

Best Feature Film: “Blind Massage”
Best Director: Ann Hui for The Golden Era
Best Leading Actor: Chen Jian Bin for A Fool
Best Leading Actress: Chen Xiang Qi for Exit
Best Supporting Actor: Chen Jian Bin for Paradise in Service
Best Supporting Actress: Wan Qian for Paradise in Service
Best Documentary: Cotton
Best Short Film: The Hammer and Sickle Are Sleeping
Best New Director: Chen Jian Bin for A Fool
Best New Performer: Zhang Lei for Blind Massage
Best Original Screenplay: Yee Chih-yen for Meeting Dr. Sun
Best Adapted Screenplay: Ma Ying Li for Blind Massage
Best Cinematography: Zheng Jian for Blind Massage
Best Visual Effects: Tong Ka-wai, Ken Law, Lucky Tracy Hannah for The Midnight After
Best Art Direction: Liu Qiang for Black Coal, Thin Ice
Best Makeup and Costume Design: Liang Tingting for Brotherhood of Blades
Best Action Choreography: Jack Wong for As The Light Goes Out
Best Original Film Score: Qigang Chen for Coming Home
Best Original Film Song: “The Road We Pass” by Pu Shu and Han Han from The Continent
Best Film Editing: Kong Jin Lei, Jolin Zhu for Blind Massage
Best Sound Effects: Fu Kang for Blind Massage
Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Jimmy Huang
Lifetime Achievement Award: Tian Feng
Audience Choice Award: KANO

With regards to drama….

Ella Chen and Huang Zi Jiao hosted the awards, and although Ella put in a lot of work for hosting (including a musical performance and six costume changes), netizens are criticizing her for being too comical and unprofessional. While I do agree that the Golden Horse Awards are very prestigious, I can’t help but feel that Ella is a very comical person to begin with, and the producers/organizers must have known that when they chose her to host. It’s like asking Ellen Degeneres to host an awards ceremony, you have to expect a lot of laughs and jokes.

Gong Li flew in to Taiwan for her nomination for Best Actress in the film Coming Home, and had been thought to be the favourite to win. After Taiwan native Chen Xiang Qi narrowly won the award for the film Exit, Gong Li released a message through her agent stating

“I would like to give special thanks to the Golden Horse Awards for giving me this opportunity to see just what an unprofessional film festival looks like,”

This of course, has erupted online clashes between people saying Gong Li is a sore loser, and others saying she’s free to speak her mind. Gong Li has declared however, that this is the last time she attends the Golden Horse Awards.


Netizens are currently favouring Tiffany Xu’s outfit (33%), while Gui Lun Mei and Ella Chen are tied for second (11%). Surprisingly, my favourite is not any of those three. I am pretty pleased that this year’s Awards fashion was filled with bolder and brighter colours though!

Tang Wei looked lovely in Robert Cavalli, I really like how she let the dress shine, and stuck with simple makeup, hair, and accessories.

Gong Li looked rather like an award in her burnished gold dress. Maybe it was prettier in person, but I wasn’t able to find any photos where it looked spectacular.

Lily Collins was a surprising turnout in Elie Saab. I like the bottom and how it drapes, but think that the see through lace PLUS cutouts was a bit much for the top.

Zhang Zi Yi is always fashion forward, and looked very poised in J. Mendel. This picture doesn’t do it justice (I saw a gorgeous photo of her walking up the stairs), but was the biggest full body one I could find.

Ella Chen has completely ditched her old tomboy image and looked (dare I say it?) very grown up and mature. I’m not a fan of the thigh high slit PLUS the unique one strap neckline, but am impressed with how it somehow all manages to come together.

Ivy Chen wore my favourite look of the night! This jade green dress wins points with me for its unique colour and detailing. The high neckline in the front is balances out by the subtle sheerness of the bottom, as well as the low cut back (picture at the very end). Love Love Love!

Michelle Chen brought some pop to the red carpet with this two-toned dress. It’s pretty and classic, but not a win for me.


Needless to say we did have a wave of classic white and black gowns…

Sandrine Pinna looked effortlessly statuesque and regal in this silver trimmed white gown.

Tiffany Xu wore a simple white wrap dress. I’m torn because while it looks very pretty, it’s nothing new. Then again, she does win points for pulling it off without making it look like a wedding dress.

Gui Lun Mei wore this white Elie Saab dress. I’m not the biggest fan, because the flowers look more like tissue bunches, and the image it conjures up is of those toilet paper ads where models walked around in toilet paper dresses akin to this one.

Rainie Yang looks positively gothic in this dress. The top is pretty enough, but the bottom skirt is distracting with the 3-d…things growing on it.

I’m very impressed with Sylvia Chang’s choice of dress. It’s structured nicely and I rather like the lace sleeves/shoulders. If anything it makes her look rather youthful.

The fashion flops…

A lot of fashionista websites have been praising Wan Qian…but I can’t see it. Sure, the material of her dress is gorgeous, but to me the way the grey brocade wraps around her waist looks more like a squid than anything. I do really like the ombre effect on the white gown though, and think it would be been prettier just like that.

I didn’t like Yao Yao’s girly polka dotted dress last year, and I’m not really liking her mature black dress this year. The cut is wrong for her, and I’m not a fan of the two tiers.

Boring and prom-esque. The accordion fabric at the bottom is also distracting.

My biggest NOPE NOPE NOPE award goes to Jiang Qin Qin, who’s stylist somehow managed to convince her to wear this too-small top that not only has a cinched bow waist, but ALSO a big lace one at the top. I going to be blunt, but I think it’s tacky and the cleavage was poor choice.

Good thing Ivy Chen’s dress was so pretty 🙂 (Look at that back! The necklace or flash tattoo she had along her spine adds a slight touch of sparkle without being too distracting.)

What do you guys think?


3 thoughts on “Taiwan 2014 Golden Horse Awards

  1. I like Gui Lun Mei’s dress the most, Ivy chen and Sandrine Pinna are rocking their look. I actually find Michelle Chen’s red dress to be very very pretty but it will suit women with more sleder figures or that are taller. When Michelle wears it like that, it made her arms and legs look thick… Michelle is cute and innocent in her hit movie, 那年我們一起追的女孩 but I am not a big fan of how her recent hairstyle look like..

    1. Agreed! I think that a lot of these dresses are really pretty, but the stars didn’t wear the dress, the dress wore them. In Michelle’s case the dress is really pretty and chic, but it clings to her figure in the wrong places and the leg stuck out doesn’t help.

      Gui Lun Mei’s is gorgeous too, but once my mind brought up those toilet paper ads I saw when I was little it was hard for me to forget that image. Still, much much much prettier than some of the korean award fashions.

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