Personal Haitus

Hey Guys!

Long time no see, eh? I hope this new year has been going pretty swell for all of you so far, and now that January is starting to wrap up I hope it’s a bit less chilly wherever you are 🙂

If you haven’t noticed (which, to be honest, you probably have), I’ve been slacking these past few months on posts for Give Me Dramas. I cranked out half the number of posts in 2014 that I did in 2013, and it’s likely not going to be much better this year.
I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, since I don’t deign to share a lot of personal info online to begin with unless we chat fairly regularly, but I’m currently a fourth year university student. Give Me Dramas wasn’t too difficult to juggle at first when I was a naive second year, but as the years passed and I began taking on more leadership roles in my school community/more challenging courses, I found I had less and less time to devote to GMD. I had fervently wished that my time would be easier to balance this school year, but if anything it’s been worse. Greengrassjelly, my real-life friend and fellow recapper, is also in fourth year and chose early on this year to cease her recaps due to time commitments.

This brings me to my main point.

As much as I love dramaland and analyzing the beautiful actors motives/plot holes/character development (or lack of) with you guys, I just don’t have the time to even sit down and watch an episode at this point, much less recap anything. Rather than leave GMD in limbo, I’ve decided to call a hiatus until my graduation this spring. ‘Til then, I’ll live vicariously through NeeNee‘s music posts, Miss Cupcakees‘s news snippets, and HeiSui‘s recaps/impressions.


I’ll still be around on Twitter and Instagram if you guys wanna chat with me 🙂 I will warn you though, I’m probably just going to be complaining about juggling 6 courses and the godawful snow weather, or posting pictures of food.

Wish me luck!



8 thoughts on “Personal Haitus

  1. Good luck! Now remember, dramas will always be there and it won’t help you much in your studies. So focus on that and come back for dramas when you have your diploma in your hands. ^^

  2. Wishing you the best of luck! I remember my college days and it was probably a good thing I was never into anything but manga and anime and had no desire to foray into blogging at the time. 😛 Oddly enough, it was the semesters when I had between 12 – 16 credit hours scheduled that I was a whole heckuva a lot busier than when I had the full course load of 18 hours. I remember scrambling around my senior year just to try to keep up with all of my course work and all of my organization involvement. It was crazy. Luckily I had two good friends by my side so we cheered each other on.

    I’m a virtual friend by your side cheering you on now! Again, best wishes and good luck! *hugs*

    1. Thanks so much NeeNee! Huh, that is odd. I’m taking one extra course this year (our standard is 5), and while the course hours aren’t too bad, all the extra work is starting to catch up to me 😦 Couple that with job applications/taking on the role of co-head choreographer for my dance crew and… you get a burnt out Redbeanmochi.

      Thank you again for your kind words though! Lots of hugs 🙂

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