TW Summer 2015 Dramas

Alright so these are more like Spring/Summer 2015 dramas, but hey, life’s not perfect.

First up…the constellation series

Constellation Woman Series [星座愛情獅子女]
This series is almost on its third leg, with Leo wrapping up in early June. The first was Aries, which starred Janet Hsieh and Xiu Jie Kai, followed by Leo (Alice Ke and Tender Huang), and finally Pisces (Ken Xie/Kun Da and Mini Shen).

Aries explores the relationship between Shao Qiang and Chen Yi Xu after Shao Qiang is dumped by his actress girlfriend for someone richer and whom her parents like. Chen Yi Xu is a young magazine editor who begins to have feelings for the architect, and their relationship grows.
[10 episodes – February 8 to April 12]

Leo details the relationship between Li Ren and Hao Yu, two 30 somethings that weren’t able to make their marriage work and divorced in their 20s. However, Li Ren is starting to find that the passionate whirlwind relationship she thought she wanted when she was younger isn’t what she’s looking for now. Both parties now have other significant others, but is it too late?
[9 episodes – April 19 to June 14]

Pisces doesn’t have too much information out yet, but from what I could see Mini Shen’s character has a controlling younger sister who makes decisions for her constantly.
[9 episodes – June 21 to August 16]

Youth Power [哇!陳怡君]
Starring Tammy Chen, Hao Yao, Gina Li and Jason Chou, Youth Power is about Chen Yi Jun (Tammy Chen), who grows up in a political family but detests politics. Determined to pursue her passion in music (rock), she avoids politics until college graduation, when she is thrown into an election war. She meets Jiang Ye Qing (How Yao), Huang Yao Yuan (Jason Chou), and Sha Bing Na (Gina Li) as she tries to regain her footing and save her political career.
[21 episodes – May 1 to September 18]

Be With You [好想談戀愛]
This drama follows the story of Xia Man Li (Vivi Lee) and her younger sister Xia Man An (Huang Pei Jia) who both have childhood crushes they’ve reconnected with recently. However the two sisters have always been unlucky in love despite being popular and pretty – will things work out this time? Although a long drama, viewers so far say it’s fast and zippy! Watch here
[85 episodes – April 14 to July 31]

Murphy’s Law [莫非,這就是愛情]

I haven’t seen Danson Tang in a drama since They Kiss Again, so I was excited to see him playing the male lead in Murphy’s Law opposite Ivelyn Li. The drama quotes Murphy’s law, saying that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Which, really, applies to any drama in dramaland haha. Ivelyn plays a love guru who meets Danson Tang when he arranges a joint matchmaking event between his company and the company of the president he’s trying to get his divorced father close to. Meanwhile, Jolin Chien plays the son of the president who falls for Ivelyn’s character. Watch here!
[23 episodes – March 23 to July 30]

Someone Like You [聽見幸福]
Starring two big names in tw dramaland, Someone Like You is about a blind chaebol (Kingone Wang) whose fiancé is in a coma, but stumbles across her doppleganger in Wang Yu Xi (Lorene/Kirsten Ren). This one just finished up, but I absolutely adore Bii’s song for it. Subs will be coming out soon! You can watch it here.
[20 episodes – January 11 to May 24]

iHero [鑑識英雄]
Taiwan’s newest venture into serious dramas, iHero is a CSI style drama that follows a forensic team as they try and track down a group of criminals from a series of murders. It stars Kurt Chou, Janel Tsai, Jason Wang, and Mini Tsai among others. It just recently wrapped up, but still looks like a fun summer watch when you want a break from overly sweet rom coms!
[13 episodes – April 10 to May 22]

When I See You Again [他看她的第2眼]
This drama just started yesterday, and stars the adorable Jasper Liu as the successful ceo of a private equity company knows for his keen eye and deductive skills. He meets Mandy Wei, a broke hostel owner who’s trying to win a competition to win the prize money. Except, turns out Mandy’s character almost caused his death 10 years prior. Will she have to marry him to save her hostel?
[20 episodes – May 31 to October 11]

There you have it folks! Which ones have you seen or will be watching?


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