Greengrassjelly is Back!

Hello world!  After over a year (two years…? I can’t even remember, and that says something…) hiatus, I’m back (with a degree!)  Haha. As you’ve heard from Redbeanmochi, we’ve both graduated from university this year, and now that summer’s in full swing, it felt like the right time to pick up where I left off…Fated to Love You.

So an update on my upcoming goals–NUMBER ONE: FINISH RECAPPING FATED TO LOVE YOU!  It’s been a project since the beginning of GMD and it’s time I wrap it up, haha.  I’ve also had attempts at other dramas, but none of the shorter ones seemed to keep my interest, and the ones I wanted to recap all tended to be the 60 or 80+ series…. So I’ll dabble in recapping of some of my favorite movies in addition to Fated.  However, of the recent/upcoming spring/summer dramas, some possible ones I might pick up are Boysitter (Annie Chen, Huang He), When I See You Again (Jasper Liu, Mandy Wei), Future Mr. Right (Lin Yo Wei, Tia Li), and Baby Daddy (Li Jia Ying, Zhang Shu Hao).  Feel free to let me know in the comments if there’s one of these you’d like to see, or of you have other recommendations or requests let me know too and I’ll look into them!




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