It Started With a Kiss…TW Remake?

I guess the TW dramaland folks have decided a decade is enough time to remake It Started With a Kiss, fondly known by its fans as ISWAK. The original aired in 2005, which I still can’t believe was 11 years ago..until I see the fashions and filming quality from back then haha. I made a post previously about ISWAK and it’s many remakes (K-drama, J-drama), and now it’s getting a revamp back in its native country. Err..sort of native country, since to be fair it was inspired by a Japanese manga. Behold, the original manga, original cast, and the most recent Japanese remake (which got 2 seasons)

The new remake is going by It a Kiss, which makes me cringe a bit because of the bad grammar, and I think if they tacked on something at the end it would have been better, ie. It Started With a Kiss: 2016….It Started With a Kiss: Taipei…or even created a new name that had a similar meaning, like From a Kiss.

The revamp stars Dino Lee as Jiang Zhi Shu, Esther Wu as Yuan Xiang Qin, Gong Yi Teng as Ah Jin, and Xi Wei Lun as Pei Zi Yu. The original ISWAK kickstarted a lot of careers that are well known today in the industry, such as Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Ann Xu (used to be Tiffany Xu?), Jiro Wang, and Bianca Bai to name a few.

Reports have shown that the producers plan to invite all the main leads from the original, Korean drama, and Japanese drama to cameo, but there’s some dispute with the original Japanese copyright.


The group had their opening ceremony on April 21, and have been shooting since.

You can find the drama Facebook page here, and the drama page on MDL here


8 thoughts on “It Started With a Kiss…TW Remake?

      1. You haven’t seen the movie Our Times yet? I wrote a review but it’s too spoilery 😦 please try it! One of the best romcoms I’ve seen so far and Dino is there :))

      2. No not yet! My fellow recapper Greengrassjelly has been recommending it to me, but I haven’t found the time to watch it yet haha. I’ll check out your review though, she gave me a basic run down of the premise already haha

  1. SWAK Series Taiwan Version is the Best Among All the Version. Because they really Justify the Characters / Roll they are Playing. All ArJoe Fasn Still hoping for the ISWAK 3 also for the Return of theyre TEAM UP!! Iswakinista Kami!! Wooohh… Proud Fan Here From Philippines… – MARS

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