ISWAK remake Miss in Kiss releases a trailer in advance of Dec. 8 premier

First things first, what used to be known as “It a Kiss” has now been renamed Miss in Kiss. I can’t tell if it was supposed to be punny (missing kiss), but it’s still grammatically incorrect, and according to Google “kiss” is not a place so they can’t play that card. Sigh.

The trailer itself looks fairly promising, and if you watch all the way through you can see the famous kiss scene. The drama itself has a cute opening intro, and seems to have a little bit of extra effects to make it more comic book like, similar to Skip Beat or Hana Kimi.

What do you guys think? Will you tune in Dec 8th?


3 thoughts on “ISWAK remake Miss in Kiss releases a trailer in advance of Dec. 8 premier

  1. I read the manga, saw the anime, saw the Japanese drama, saw the Taiwanese drama, saw the Korean drama, saw the newer Japanese drama, and it now looks like I will watch the newer Taiwanese

    1. wow haha. I’ve seen the Japanese drama, Taiwanese drama, started (and dropped) the Korean drama, watched both seasons of the Japanese one, and then when I tried to watch the new Taiwanese one I had to drop it haha. Too…flat for me. Have you seen the Thai one? I didn’t even know they remade it as well until I looked it up the other day.

  2. No I hadn’t seen it. I’ve never seen a Thai drama before but I will now. I can’t believe I had missed it! From the trailer I just saw it looks like it might be good*fingers crossed*

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