Hi there. It’s me, redbeanmochi =]

just a quick little overview – I love asian dramas. Always have, and probably always will. I started this blog because while I think that there is a lot of love and support for K-dramas, TW dramas don’t quite have the same network. I’ve always loved going on dramabeans to read recaps before the subbed episodes have come out, or to “read” dramas during exams when I only have 5 minutes rather than 50 to spare. I was never really able to find a similar website with TW drama recaps so…I took it upon myself to make one! 🙂

Lucky for me, I’ve always had a great friend to drool over dramas with! Hence, roping her in to guest-posting was the next logical step. Meet Greengrassjelly everyone! Along the way, I’ve also managed to drag her into my Asian beauty craze as well (I do love me some sheet masks). Cheers!

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Email Me: redbeanmochi(dot)gmd@gmail(dot)com

Tweet Me: @GiveMeDramas

Facebook Me: https://www.facebook.com/GiveMeDramas


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    1. Yes! Okay granted, TW dramas are like any other genre of dramas. There are good ones…there are bad ones. It all just depends on what style/type you want. I’d recommend Fated to Love You if you want cute romance, Black and White for action/suspense/detective, and the movie Hear Me for cute romance/laughs.

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