Q Series: Life Plan A and B [植劇場 – 荼蘼]Episode 2 Recap and Review

For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to refer to switches between going with her career vs going with her family/bf as Plan A (career) vs Plan B(love). Hopefully this will make things clear when I’m switching between the two!



Plan A (career):
Ru Wei is still eating instant noodles while in Shanghai, although this time it’s while skyping You Yan. She’s complaining about how she’s overworked and hasn’t had time to sight see yet, much less eat fruit. You Yan tells her to take care of herself, and she nods  until the call drops. Ah Skype.


Ru Wei’s new manager Eason is smart, knowledgeable, and self-reliant. Once, she had to go pick something up for him at his apartment, and got caught by a woman in a silk robe as she was leaving with a piece of fruit (haha). Turns out he’s got a different woman over every time though, so Ru Wei didn’t get in too much trouble. When she handed him his requested documents, he nagged at her speed, but rushed off to his meeting.


We see another Skype call between Ru Wei and You Yan, but he doesn’t respond to her hug request, and when she tries to recount the fruit taking story, he tells her he’s tired and wants to hang up. Aw :/


At work, there’s been a big blow up. A number of people have been sent to hospitals from food poisoning because of one of the new flavours seasoning packets, and the entire company is scrambling to handle the issue. Eason takes over, rapidly giving orders to each department.


Ru Wei stays late at a factory one night waiting for the last delivery of the recalled noodles. She sees Eason walking out from the gloom, he’s come to check on the product recall himself. After poking around the boxes, he pulls out one of the curry flavoured noodles and offers some to her. He admits at one point to hating curry because of a trip to india, but when Ru Wei waxes poetic on the flavour, he jumps on the opportunity to use her words to rectify the situation.

He tells her to do three things: 1. if they don’t get sick tonight, to tell PR to send a free box to all of the affected families 2. post what she just said under the name of one of the family members of someone affected with the food poisoning 3. notify the factory to prioritize the new flavours, and ramp up inspections. He aims to create demand and bring about success. We see a montage of Ru Wei working hard during the following three days with no sleep, until she finally collapses on her bed.


Plan B (love):
Ru Wei takes over shifts at the hospital, and gets some time with Uncle Tang. He complains about the hospital food, but refuses to stop them because that just means more work for his wife. When Ru Wei comments that this is what love is, he says that love stopped a long time ago. When Ru Wei gets up to grab the nurse, he thanks her for helping, and confides that after the fall his confidence was shattered, but knowing that You Yan stayed in Taiwan helped him feel relieved.


Aunt Tang seems to be continually longing for her daughter, and upset that she doesn’t seem to be showing the proper amount of concern. She recounts how much effort she and her husband put into raising their daughter, and now she just says take care and doesn’t fly back to Taiwan. When they go to the hospital to take care of Uncle Tang, he praises the soup she’s made which nettles Aunt Tang a bit, since she nagged it for being too gingery.


Ru Wei chooses to ask Uncle Tang if she can rent You Shan, You Yan’s younger sister,’s room since she gave up her lease. While she and You Yan eat dinner, she plans out how they can move forward with caretaking and covering work. Ru Wei volunteers to take care of Uncle Tang while You Yan works, and then find a job after. The two share a sweet moment talking about working together.


Uncle Tang’s recovery is going well, and he continually makes improvements. Ru Wei wakes You Yan up for a midnight date to see a movie, and they seem happy and moving forward.


Of course, things aren’t always perfect. Ru Wei gets sick, and when You Yan pushes back his shift at the hospital to meet a colleague, she deletes a text telling him she’s sick, and decides to suck it up. You Yan finds her sleeping later, and cuddles behind her while she sleepily responds. Moments later though, his hand sneaks under the covers, and Ru Wei pulls it out, scolding him for trying while she’s sick. He continues to try and entice her though, saying that he misses her and it’s now or never since they rarely have time. Dude really? Ru Wei sigh and flops over before putting a mask on, and You Yan tells her to take it off. If she’s sick, he’ll be sick with her. You say that now…


You Yan’s sister You Shan is finally coming back to Taiwan, and Aunt Tang is overjoyed. There’s a bit of an issue now with sleeping arrangements, and when Uncle Tang suggests Ru Wei sleep in the same room as You Yan, Aunt Tang is scandalized. She refuses on the basis that word might get out – she doesn’t care what the neighbours think of their family, but she doesn’t want other people to think Ru Wei wasn’t taught well. Ru Wei rushes to say that it’s no problem, she has to head home to her own relatives anyways. She promises to clean up her room for You Shan so Aunt Tang doesn’t have to, but you can see she’s torn a bit.


You Shan has finally arrived in Taiwan, but from You Yan’s expression it’s clear there is something wrong. Turns out she and her husband are here with a client, and will be spending most of their time outside of Taipei. You Yan blows up, telling her that she’s only here to visit for 10, maybe 30 minutes, her husband isn’t even paying his respects to their dad because he “doesn’t like the smell of hospitals”, and that she’s spoiled. Does he really have to tell her how to be a good daughter? These are her parents, not just anyone.

You Shan protests that she came as soon as she got off the plane, but You Yan tells her it’s not enough. You Shan runs out, and You Yan heads to the garden in a bad mood. Ru Wei follows him, telling him that she understands, but she has to catch her own bus.


And yet, later that night, Ru Wei opens the door to the Tang apartment, where she finds Aunt Tang dozing on the sofa. It’s clear that 1. Ru Wei chose not to get on her bus, and 2. You Shan didn’t come home to stay after all. Aunt Tang groggily wakes up, and asks Ru Wei if she’s eaten dinner. Ru Wei tells her that they can have instant noodles, and it seems as if the two have bonded a little.


The next morning Aunt Tang invites Ru Wei to pray with her, eliciting a surprised look from Ru Wei. Aunt Tang expresses her concern for Uncle Tang’s health, praying for heaven to keep their family safe and sound, and to bless You Yan and Ru Wei in their career and lives. Fade out….


Plan A (career):
Ru Wei wakes up in the hospital, where a nurse tells her she’s supposed to rest – working for days straight after the instant noodle fiasco has taken a toll on her health. Although she texts You Yan about being ill, he seems distant, and Ru Wei’s manager drops by later to check on her and inquire about their relationship. Ru Wei can tell that her manager has something to say, and tells her not to let [Ru Wei] blindly go forward and make any mistakes. Turns out Ru Wei’s manager saw You Yan in a car with a random girl, and found it odd, she tries to spin it off as over reacting but neither woman seems too convinced.


A few days later, Ru Wei is called into her boss Eason’s office – he wants to know the reason behind her resignation request. When she says that she misses home, he asks if she’s married (no), if not her husband then is it her parents she misses (no), and lastly, so you’ve been dumped. He tells her he’s taking her to eat something delicious, and later at the restaurant tells her to eat up – he won’t tell her the three steps to getting over her bf until she does. Ah, so he’s our daddy longlegs character.


Ru Wei eagerly starts eating, and he tells her that she shouldn’t focus on what she’s lost, she needs to focus on what she has. We see a montage of her finally realizing her dream to an extent, buying material things that she’s always dreamed of, but never had the ability to before. She pauses as she eats however, since now she’s realized she has to eat alone.

Later that night Ru Wei shows up drunk in front of Eason’s apartment. When she knocks on the door, the director that she admired earlier opens it, and tells him in English that a lady is looking for him. Ru Wei is giggling and wobbling all over in her heels, and tells her boss that she’s ready to learn step two.


Ru Wei wakes up on the couch with a bad hangover, and attempts to sneak out of the apartment but is caught by Eason. He tells her to eat breakfast before she goes, and as she sits down, tells her step two. Break up with You Yan – an expired relationship isn’t salvageable, and it’s easier to recover if she’s the one calling the break up. As she sits in shock, we see the scene switch to You Yan with a girl about to eat dinner.



This drama keeps impressing me, and the issues it touched upon are ones I think many of its viewers can relate to. How image is important, and reflects upon how your parents/family raised you, as well as what level of effort is expected to be a good daughter or son. Obviously in this drama things are a little more clear cut; You Shan’s husband is being rude by not seeing anyone else, and her visit to Taiwan is obviously not to see her father or for his benefit. If perhaps the issue had been gray – money was tight or she had children to mind in the US – it would have been a bigger struggle between what is expected and what You Shan can/is willing to give. Regardless, I’m impressed so far with the drama and personally, rooting for Plan A. I think Ru Wei deserved better than You Yan, and the fact that he ignored the fact that his girlfriend is sick to get some action made me annoyed since Ru Wei clearly wasn’t interested (at first). I suppose they do share sweet moments, but I predict a relationship deterioration it both A and B for them. Eason seems ambitious, but slightly morally gray. I’m not a fan, but not against him (yet, ha!)


Q Series: Life Plan A and B [植劇場 – 荼蘼]Episode 1 Recap and Review

I heard a lot of buzz surrounding this 6 episode drama, and decided to check it out for myself. You can watch it on Dramafever here.



We open to see our main character Zheng Ru Wei, played by Rainie Yang, at a 7 11. This is the year 2008 in the past, and she’s getting ready to eat her ramen dinner. A nervous looking guy comes in, and he checks her out repeatedly before asking if the wallet on the floor is hers. This is Tang You Yan, played by Yan Yu Lin. The wallet isn’t hers, and there’s no ID inside when she checks. She’s about to take it to the store employee, but You Yan stops her, saying that the employee might steal the money inside. It’s better if they just wait for the guy to come back. She nods ok, and then turns her attention to her noodles while he goes to pay…sans wallet. He keeps staring at her from the table behind, before mustering up the courage to ask about why she’s eating instant noodles. You Yan slips up a bit when he asks her why she eats them every night, but Ru Wei doesn’t seem to notice.


They spend the rest of the time chatting happily, and when it’s time to go You Yan offers to drive her home…but turns out she lives just down the street haha. He still says that he’ll walk her home so she’s safe, and although it seems like Ru Wei is uncomfortable, she doesn’t turn him down. They agree to meet the next day incase the wallet owner comes back, and after Ru Wei walks inside her apartment building You Yan does a little dance of happiness.


Fast forward three years, and the pair are happily dating. At dinner, Ru Wei brings up the idea of transferring to her company’s new Shanghai branch, and expresses her admiration for the company director. The director is clearly cool, powerful, and knows what she wants. You Yan’s face shows disappointment, and later at a bookstore he asks her who he’ll eat with, sleep with, and talk to. Ru Wei jokes that he makes her sound like a tool (ie. instrument), but You Yan comments that if they do long distance he will stray. Dude really? They agree to think about it after she takes the qualification test, and she mentions that he could apply for jobs in Shanghai as well.


Ru Wei heads over to You Yan’s house to take him to the temple to pray (side note: I adore the shots they took of the candles and lanterns). Ru Wei wants to pray for good marks, and You Yan chooses this time to tell her that he’s applied for a few positions in Shanghai as well. Later in the week they receive news that he’s been accepted to work with Zaha Hadid, a famous architect. When the results come out for Ru Wei’s exam though, she’s ranked in the 50th position. Odds aren’t looking good for her to be chosen.


She asks You Yan to comfort her, and he tells her that it’s ok, sometimes things don’t always work out. Plus no one wants to marry that type of woman (referring to the director), she must be pushy, overbearing, and mean to still be single at 45. Ouch, is that really what you think? Ru Wei still looks glum, and You Yan talks about how he’ll stay in Taiwan, they’ll slowly save money for a house, and then they can have kids together.


As luck would have it though, Ru Wei’s hard work paid off in other ways. Her manager and manager’s manager gave her glowing reviews, and the other departments gave her the highest marks. The company is willing to overlook her written exam on the basis of her work ethic and reviews.

At the two celebratory parties we see, the first with You Yan’s friends and the second with Ru Wei’s, we finally hear the story of how You Yan planned his meeting with Ru Wei. Turns out he’s very methodical, and wants everything planned out. His logic is that to get married by 35, you need to be dating by your early 30s. When asked about if he manufactured his meeting with Ru Wei, he sheepishly admits his wallet plan.

Ru Wei brings it up a few days later at her celebratory party, and her manager/friend wisely points out that there’s a difference between You Yan manufacturing the meeting because he was interested in her, or because she happened to be there when he felt it was time to find a girlfriend. This causes him to reveal the backstory…


His company’s break room was situated opposite that very 7 11, and he noticed Ru Wei eating there every night. He started watching to see if she’d show up everyday, and then even started eating noodles with her at the same time. After a month, he took pictures of her [uhhh what??] and realized that “instant-noodle-girl” was actually quite cute, so he decided to meet her in person.


Cut back to the future, Ru Wei and You Yan are paying their respects to her grandfather, uncles, and to her deceased parents. When she tosses two 10NT coins to ask their blessing for Shanghai, the coins constantly turn up negative. She throws and throws, but it’s still negative. Bad sign…


On their way back to Taipei, You Yan receives a call. His dad’s been hit by a car, and needs leg surgery. He’s worried, and sleeps at the hospital every night as his dad recovers.


As time passes, Ru Wei worries about their trip to Shanghai. She’s set to leave Saturday, but she’s pushed You Yan’s tickets back for him so that he can stay with his dad. She’ll set everything up so that once he arrives he can go straight to work and not worry. You Yan stops her, saying that he’s not going. When Ru Wei offers the suggestion that they hire a caretaker for his dad, and split the cost with You Yan’s younger sister, he refuses. His younger sister is married and in the US, she’s part of her husband’s family now. Besides, he should be the one taking care of his parents, not leaving them to some foreign worker. Ru Wei asks what of her then, and he tells her that she has to make her own decision before walking off.


A few days later Ru Wei celebrates her birthday alone. She receives a text from You Yan wishing her a happy birthday, and she quickly replies that she can’t be happy since he’s not here. He apologizes for being mean, and Ru Wei asks him to answer her question honestly; if he was in her position, what would he choose? You Yan just tells her that she doesn’t love him as much as she thinks. Wow.


Ru Wei begins to pack her things, and finds the old wallet that You Yan dropped. The 500 NT bill inside had a small message on it, asking her to dinner and introducing himself. She remarks that he even had a plan B incase plan A didn’t work out.


Ru Wei’s been confiding in her manager, and her manager keeps advising her not to lose the opportunity and become like her – constantly pushed around by her family and watching other opportunities go by. She tells Ru Wei that it’s not even her relative that is sick, so the company won’t understand her decision to reject the position, and they likely will believe her to be indecisive and less trustworthy afterwards.


In her room the day before her flight, Ru Wei types out a message to You Yan. She describes how in life, you can’t choose Plan A or Plan B knowing what the outcome will be first. At the end, she writes that she’s chosen plan A, and as her finger descends on the mouse button…


We see her predicted outcome, that she’ll go to the airport and see You Yan sending her off. That he’s forgiven her and will join her once his parents are stable.


The scene then cuts to plan B, she’s at the hospital park and tells You Yan she’s sorry. Fast forward 5 years and she’s a mom of a young son, and constantly being nitpicked for being slow or having her priorities wrong.



This episode laid the groundwork for the big decision that could lead to path A or B. I’m definitely anticipating these next few episodes, and this first one already gave a few things to mull over.

I’m not a fan of You Yan’s character, and I think that Ru Wei herself has noticed a few red flags, although when they were starting to date it was easy for her to brush over. His comments about straying if she goes to Shanghai; or about how once they’re married and after she has kids, she can help him with his business; are centered around You Yan rather than taking into account what she wants. Likewise, his method of “cheering her up” by commenting on the director’s pushy-ness and how he himself likes ordinary seems to just deflate Ru Wei more, and serve to show that he might not be comfortable if his wife made more money than he did.

The issues with the caretaker and his younger sister also seem to be a very traditional viewpoint, and one that hits a bit close to home for me. There’s an understanding in Chinese, as well as other Asian societies, that children will take care of their parents when they’re older. My issue is that there comes a point when medical care is better off left with professionals, and the fact that his father had leg surgery, a non-life threatening issue, is not something to pull Ru Wei into staying in Taiwan. He pulled the “I don’t think you love me as much as you say” when she asked what he would choose, which I think is a cop-out and manipulative. If he truly loved her, couldn’t he accept waiting for her to go work abroad for a few years and get the experience and position she needs? He should support her in her dreams and endeavors, rather than expecting her to live her life around him. If their end goal is to get married and start a family, would it really be so terrible to have her work in a foreign city (especially one that’s so close to Taiwan) for a year or two?

Let me know what you guys think.

The Devil Game [劣人傳之詭計] Episode 2 Recap

 Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay, life got a bit hectic. WARNING: horror movie with ghosts, scares, and a bit of gore. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t watch/read.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.28.01 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.28.29 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.28.45 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.29.06 PM

We open to see students filing out of Wei Xiang’s tutoring class. He’s clearing the board (why is the room so dark?) and hears a sound. He calls out asking who is there, but doesn’t receive a responds. The camera starts to flashback, and we see little Wei Xiang playing hide and seek with Xiao Ying. His counting is interrupted by Shi Ming and Jia Hao, who ask if he’s really playing with Xiao Ying and decided to trick her by pretending to be ghosts.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.36.32 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.37.45 PM

In the present day Wei Xiang walks towards the seats, where he sees a crouched little girl. She turns her face towards him, and jeez that’s gross.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.38.04 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.39.19 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.39.56 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.40.33 PM

Thankfully it’s all just a dream though, and he wakes up with a shout in the teacher’s lounge. After staring at the death note card, he tosses it in the trash. Just then his cell phone rings, and it’s Jia Hao asking if Wei Xiang also got a weird card. The group is all going to meet up later – they all received one. Then follows a super blatant product placement/ commercial by having Jia Hong work at a cell phone company.

Just a warning, the images below are kind of graphic.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.45.27 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.46.48 PM

Jia Hao starts reading the cards when every one is assembled, starting with his own.

Jia Hao, you were second to me in tormenting Xiao Ying, and loved to pull her hair the most, so you be the next to die. Your death will be full of suffering – then the camera shifts to an image of his crumped body with part of his head cut off? blegh

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.54.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.55.05 PM

Ruo Han, of all of us, you hated Xiao Ying the most, so you are the third person who should die. You will have your bones broken to pieces – unable to be put to rest and buried. Cut to a body washed up against rocks in the ocean.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.58.30 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.59.10 PM

Hui Fen, you loved to join the group and heedlessly harass/jeer. After taking care of the others, Xiao Ying will come for you. She will drown you until your life is completely over. Cut to a floating body in water.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 6.02.10 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 6.04.06 PM

Bing Bing, you loved to say awful things about Xiao Ying, you would lead the group to bully her with your words, and you always laughed the loudest. Xiao Ying won’t let you ever laugh again. Cut to a mouth painfully sewn shut. AGH.

Wei Xiang takes out his – telling the group that Xiao Ying wants him to burn to death, until even his bones are gone. Bing Bing takes out a lighter to try and burn her card, but Hui Fen stops her. Jia Hao says that he doesn’t believe it anyways, his mom took him many times to a fortune teller, and she never saw him dying early.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.52.33 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.04.27 PM

Randomly, Ruo Han asks what the smell is, and grabs one of the cards. She says that the smell is stronger with the cards together, and Bing Bing says it’s the same smell of the flower that was in the memory box with the doll. This leads them to conclude that it really was Shi Ming who wrote the cards. Really??? I’m not getting your logic here, yes while it could have been the same person why are you 100% sure it’s Shi Ming?

Hui Fen is scared to tears, and Bing Bing says that they should burn it – it’s not real, just Shi Ming’s crazy imagination. She lights the card and tosses it into the ashtray on the table where they all watch it burn.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.05.09 PM

We then see Bing Bing waiting by a car (hello more product placement). It’s Jia Hao’s, and she asks him if he’s still a man. He asks her why the question, and she points out that he likes Ruo Han, but didn’t take the opportunity to drive her home, instead leaving it up to Wei Xiang. He retorts that maybe she’s just a little impatient, to which Bing Bing says that Wei Xiang was her prince when she was little.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.22.02 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.28.32 PM

When Jia Hao comments that she’s actually so manipulative, Bing Bing scoffs and asks if he actually thinks he can get Ruo Han…or does he not have feelings for her anymore? Jiao Hao replies that it’s been so long since they’ve met….perhaps he should win her [Bing Bing] over first. Bing Bing asks who’s really winning over whom, and kisses him. Cue sexy times in the…car?

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.19.18 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.19.40 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.21.17 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.21.42 AM

Wei Xiang gets home, and his mom tells him that Xiao Fang (his ex girlfriend) has been waiting all night. He’s surprised and confused, but then looks up to see that crazy obsessed student. She tells him she baked him a cake, and smiles up at him as he asks how she knew his address. She apologizes for making him upset, and he tells her it’s late and she should leave. She gets upset when he says he’ll call her a taxi, calling him cold-hearted and storming out complaining she waited all evening. No one asked you to wait sweetie…

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.44.32 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.48.52 AM

The next day, Wei Xiang gets a text that makes him smile. He’s whistling at work too, and says that his goal today is to get off work precisely on time. Methinks he has a date? Just as he digs into his food, the weird girl turns up again, saying she made him lunch. He tells her she has to call him “teacher” since they’re at the tutoring house, and if she has any questions or problems he can help her, but that’s it.

The girl insists however, saying that she made the lunch bento just for him, and insists he try it. She pushes aside his “oily” lunch and says that she looked up recipes since she knows he likes fish. Wei Xiang gets up and leaves, saying he still needs to get ready for courses, leaving her standing in the teacher’s lounge frustratedly clicking the tab on the bento box.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.50.04 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.53.30 AM

Turns out he’s meeting Ruo Han after work, and he gives her a little bunny bracelet because he remembers how much she liked rabbits when they were young. Ruo Han tells him she invited everyone to hang out since it’s been so long, and Jia Hao comes running up. They decide to head to eat and sing karaoke at Jia Hao’s friend’s business, but Jiao Hao breaks away to meet a friend in a sketchy washroom.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.55.59 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.58.24 AM

Inside the washroom, Jia Hao gets a small pack of drugs (I think), and promises to pay his friend later. The friend complains that he always says that and he already owes a lot, but heads out anyways. As Jia Hao uses the urinal, we see the ghost’s head descending from the ceiling….



Aghhhh I hate ghosts. Also it seems to be proceeding pretty logically right now – although I’m surprised/happy that the drama’s a bit more mature about sex and kissing as well. I find it odd that the ghost’s appearance has changed a bit since the first ep, and Jia Hao is giving me a mean vibe. My guess with the story is that we’ll see the characters picked off in future eps, and some will band together before finally dealing with the ghost. I’m not sure if the writing is a bit off though – how did Ruo Han smell the cards, and how did Bing Bing know it was the same one as the flower? Is it that pungent?


The Devil Game [劣人傳之詭計] Episode 1 Recap


These are the faces of our central cast, a group of elementary school kids who are drawn back together after an unfortunate event befalls their classmate…
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Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 16

Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 16



1We see Anna at her dance studio teaching a class. Afterwards, she opens the gift Cun Xi got her for her studio’s grand opening, that was supposed to be the swan. Instead, she opens and sees “Souvenir” and notices that the card with the art piece’s information (which Cun Xi has not seen) is signed by the designer, “Chen Xin Yi”. Flash to Anson’s face as he’s on the phone with Cun Xi, realizing he’s mixed up the delivery of the art pieces…

2After their meeting (reunion?), Xin Yi is clearly upset/bothered by seeing Cun Xi again. She’s even more upset by the fact that Cun Xi is staying in Shanghai for extra time and that she’s responsible for working with him on designing the soap container for his new soap line… However, Dylan encourages her, reminding her that “Mr. Z” wanted to send her courage through the navelwort plant that he gave her, so she should face Cun Xi with courage. Little do they know….hahaha. So Xin Yi buckles down and begins her serious mode of designing a soap container.

2cMeanwhile, Anna has booked a flight to Shanghai…

3After some time, Xin Yi sends her subordinates to bring the design to Cun Xi but they get sent back. After some questioning, she realizes they fed him ginger and carrots, his two least favorite foods (aww, she remembers). The subordinates are surprised/curious about her relationship with Cun Xi, but she waves them off and goes to meet him herself.

4_1Cun Xi takes full advantage of their time together, and says he needs to eat lunch before he can talk about work.

4_2After lunch, she tries to bring it back to business by showing him the design. A car comes up behind them though, so he instinctively pulls her in close out of harm’s way. She’s flustered, and realizes her sketch has been blown away. So Cun Xi smiles mischievously and pulls her hand and the two chase after the sketch in the wind.

4_3He finally sees it land in a pond and takes off his shoes to get to it. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) he falls in the pond and gets wet, so of course they need to go shopping for new clothes.


5His playful side comes back when he orders her to try on some new clothes too, and gawks at her beauty. He leans in close to put a necklace on for her and tells her she’s ready to meet the dealers of “Inheritance” and give a presentation for the soap container design.

6_1Everyone is surprised to see her and doesn’t approve of not having master Zhong Shan Long design the container. However, Xin Yi is able to win them over with her design. She says that she got inspiration from “Mr. Z” and the container is shaped like the letter “z” but also “n”, for the English word “nature”, which emphasizes Mo Fa Ling Enterprise’s mission to create all natural soaps without additives, safe for even newborns. And the soap will rest on the container like a child in its mother’s embrace.

6_2The dealers are impressed and inquire if she’s a mother and she glances at Cun Xi before saying she’s not. However, Cun Xi admits that this project means a lot to him, especially since he could’ve been a father but lost the opportunity and voices his regret.


7_1Anna arrives in Shanghai and follows the address to the gallery where Dylan and Xin Yi work. She runs into Dylan, so knows the artist on the information page must be THE Chen Xin Yi. She says she has some questions for him and the two go out for coffee. She asks hesitantly if Xin Yi and Cun Xi have seen each other yet, and Dylan tells her she probably knows the answer already, but should be worried about Cun Xi, not Xin Yi. He tells her that the meaning behind “Souvenir” that Xin Yi made was longing and regret for Ji Nian Pin, the child she never had. Therefore, Dylan is confused as to why Cun Xi bought the piece, because if Cun Xi longed for his child, why did he tell Xin Yi to get an abortion? Anna looks away guiltily, as Dylan mumbles that maybe there was some misunderstanding…SECRETS!!! Anna is upset by the skeptical looks from Dylan so leaves before she can take her dessert to go.

7_2Left behind is a strawberry cake without the strawberry, which Dylan takes instead. We see a flashback to when Dylan was younger, and how his sister also liked strawberry cake without the strawberry. But he waves it off, thinking it couldn’t possibly be Anna…


8Back at the office, Xin Yi still doubts Cun Xi’s motives and why he said he was regretful about his lost child, but sees him take out the pen she bought him 2 years ago for his birthday, overhearing him say that he always carries it around. After all the papers are signed and the deal is closed, she wants to interrogate him, but is caught off guard as he compliments her professionalism and talent. She’s pleased, and offers to drive him home, so he requests that they walk home instead.

9_1It’s pretty late out as they walk back to his hotel, and Cun Xi is clearly cold but says he’s fine when she asks if he needs his jacket back (haha!). A drunkard runs into her and he (again) instinctively pulls her in close to protect her, but then quickly pulls away apologizing, saying he didn’t intentionally hug her. She says she believes him (she’s slowly trusting him again!) and he jokes, saying he would’ve “hired” more drunk men to wander by so he could hug her if he knew she wouldn’t mind.

9_2Things take a serious turn as they’re parting ways, when Cun Xi (thinking that’s what she wants) says that if they were to run into each other again, he’ll pretend he doesn’t know her and they’ll continue on their separate ways. She looks a little sad/disappointed, but agrees. He quickly sneaks in the question, “In the last two years, have you ever thought about me?” (WHAT KIND OF A DUMB QUESTION IS THAT?!) You can tell she wanted to answer, but he immediately says nevermind, saying that it doesn’t matter.

9_3When they finally part ways, he secretly hopes that she doesn’t turn around as she leaves, so that he can really let her go (aww…). As Xin Yi walks home, she feels upset but doesn’t know why. She’s curious about why he’s regretful, but is afraid to know the answer and dig back up the scars from two years ago… And of course with all the distracting thoughts and questions she has in mind, she forgot to return his jacket….so goodbye wasn’t really goodbye!