Here are the songs that Purpletarocandy and I have translated! You can also browse the videos on our youtube channel.

Apple in Your Eye
OST: Amber An — Hello (安心亞– 哈囉)

Fabulous 30
OST: Shi Shi — Live With You (孫盛希 — 跟你住)

Lan Ling Wang (Prince of Lan Ling)
OST: Jia Jia — Destiny (家家 — 命運)

Lovestore At the Corner:
Opening OST: Shi Shi — Shouldn’t Be, Shouldn’t Be (孫盛希 — 不該不該)
OST: Shi Shi — Constant Temperature, (孫盛希–恆溫)

Pleasantly Surprised (also formerly known as Love Myself or You)
Opening OST: Ian Chen — A Nobody and a Princess (陳彥允–小人物大公主)
OST: Ian Chen — DNA Says I Love You (陳彥允 — 基因決定我愛你)

Sound of the Desert (also known as Dao Mo Yao)
Opening OST: Li Jian Qing – The World I Pacified for You (李劍青 – 為你平定的天下)


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