Drama/Movie Ratings

The dramas and movies are rated out of 10 over all, and I’ll often incorporate a short blurb describing my feelings/reviews. Only dramas which I have finished will get a score. You can check out my drama list as well. If the box next to the drama says: FAILED – that means it failed my 3-ep test (where a drama has to interest me in 3 eps or I drop it.), DROPPED – it means I either had no time or just wasn’t interested somewhere in the middle, FINISHED – erm. self-explanatory? Same goes for WATCHING and RECAPPING.

absolute-boyfriendAbsolute Boyfriend / 絕對達令 – [2012 | FINISHED ]It started out cute enough, though Goo Hye Sun’s exaggerated faces bugged me a bit. Then quite a lot. Then all the time. Jiro and Kun Da did good jobs respectively, but the chemistry was lacking [Goo Hye Sun I’m looking at you] and the dubbing made it worse. Sigh. This drama had a lot of potential [exploring what is love, and can we love a robot anyone against all social stigmas, etc. ], but quickly dropped downhill  bellyflopped. Should have dropped it when I had the chance. 3

aep-01Amour et Patisserie /沒有名字的甜點店 – [2013 | FINISHED]
Really sweet, Amour et Patisserie features a new story (and dessert) each week. I really enjoyed it, and often found myself nibbling while watching because I’d get so hungry. 8

urlAutumn’s Concerto / 下一站,幸福 – [2009 | WATCHING]





Black and White / 黑白 – [2009 | FINISHED]
WOW. This is unlike any other drama I’ve watched, and I have to say it was beyond incredible. It sucks you in, and Zai Zai’s character is so well played. Not a frilly romance in any way, though the side romance that was incorporated was extremely satisfying to watch. 11!


Bull Fighting / 鬥牛. 要不要 – [2007 | DROPPED]
Started because of Mike He. Dropped partway because I got tired of it dragging on and on in plot. To be fair I know quite a few people who enjoyed it – it just wasn’t for me.



Bump Off Lover /愛殺17 – [2006 | DROPPED]
Too creepy, bad acting (I should have learned from Romantic Princess not to watch stuff with Angela Zhang), and too many “wtf” moments for me.



Devil’s Beside You / 惡魔在身邊 – [2005 | FINISHED]
Started out great, but had a bit of an unbelievable finish. My first drama with Rainie and Mike He, but I liked them both. Though they had good chemistry, Mike was sometimes a bit overboard as a devil and Rainie’s penchance for dropping to her knees in despair got frustrating. 6.5

050E00005754E41367BC3C39FA0322DBDevil Game / 劣人傳之詭計 – [2016 | WATCHING]




Fabulous-BoysFabulous Boys / 原來是美男 – [2013 | FINISHED]
While not entirely a bad adaptation (I enjoyed it much more that the Japanese version), I do think this adaptation had a few faults. Jiro did HTK justice though, and the friendships at least were great. 7


Fall in Love With Me / 愛上兩個我 – [2014 | DROPPED]
Started out okay enough, but around episode 11 quickly dropped like a wrecking ball and had nothing really to save it. 4




Fated To Love You / 命中注定我愛你 – [2008 | FINISHED]
This was a fantastic drama! It made me feel sorry for all those Sticky Note Girls out there, and laugh at Cun Xi’s mistakes one after the other. I loved Ethan Ruan in this. 10


20110310_seoulbeats_hanakimitHana Kimi / 花樣少年少女 – [2006 | FINISHED]
Really funny! It uses the “manhwa” or manga style, meaning viewers should expect lightening fast running and comical effects. Jiro took the cake in this drama, but I was disappointed with the ending. 7.5 



Happy 300 Days 遇見幸福300天 – [2013 | DROPPED]
Didn’t have enough time/interest to finish.



Hear Me聽說 – [2009 | FINISHED]
This movie is my favourite – I might or might not have watched it 2-3 more times right after first seeing it. Refreshingly simple and sweet, Hear Me explores the bonds of family and first love. It sounds cheesy and overdone, but this movie is anything but typical. The unexpected twist at the end keeps it light and funny. 10!


Hi My Sweetheart / 海派甜心 – [2009 | DROPPED]
Sorry Debo…but this drama didn’t make it for me. It was good in the beginning because we had a female protagonist who was the fierce crazy character who was willing to stand up to anyone and everyone. Then she lost all her spunk. Sigh…Also never really felt the chemistry between Rainie and Show.

d01-1024It Started with a Kiss / 惡作劇之吻 – [2005 | FINISHED]
I’ll admit, I got really frustrated at times with Ariel Lin’s character. I’m guessing it’s because of my preference for strong heroines [Katniss Everdeen or Hermione Granger!]. Overall it was a sweet drama, and watching the romance become mutual was great. 7

61GmMAn3_622534_cJust You / 就是要你愛上我 – [2013 | FINISHED]
I admit I first dropped Just You because I couldn’t stand Puff’s character. Then I heard good things, and picked it up again. It ended a lot better than it started, and you can see my review here7



Kung Fu Dunk / 功夫灌籃 – [2008 | FINISHED]
Another one of Jay Chou’s movies – but sadly without the great soundtrack. Boring. Think of Shaolin Soccer but with basketball and less cool. 4.5



La La I Do / 愛啊哎呀, 我願意 – [2012 | FAILED]
Didn’t hook me in the first two eps, I ended up not having time to watch the third, so dropped. Unless I hear that the drama has turned a 180 and come out with great chemistry/plot, I’m not picking it back up.

King_of_Lan_Ling_HQ_001Lan Ling Wang / 兰陵王 – [2013 | FINISHED]
Lan Ling Wang, oh Lan Ling Wang, oh how I love thee. Every actor was stellar and the chemistry was palpable with both male leads. I normally stay away from historical dramas, but would recommend this in a heartbeat. 10

imagesLovestore at the Corner / 巷弄裡的那家書店 – [2014 |DROPPED]
Beautiful, beautiful soundtrack, but there’s so much drama and lying and amnesia that I noped out pretty quick. The opening OST is still one of my favourites though


marsMARS / 戰神 – [2004 | FINISHED]
This drama is different. Good-different. Amazing-different. Phenomenal-different. It details the growth and struggles of two young people trying to face their pasts, their fears, and finding solace in one another. There is no overlying mystery plot, no birth secrets, no rich handsome boss/coworker/perfect-man and poor cute employee/teacher/student/average-girl. The attraction begins right away, and the characters are what makes this drama. 11


Meteor Garden I / 流星花園 I – [2000 | FINISHED]
The one and only original. This is what first got me into dramas, and I’ll always remember it fondly. While it was really low budget and used all no-names, the spunk and character that was shown really pulled the show together. Just goes to show that substance is more important that packaging (take note kdramas!) 7.5


My Lucky Star / 放羊的星星 – [2007 | FAILED]
Okay I know some of you guys really liked this drama…but I didn’t. Sorry. I couldn’t feel any chemistry between the leads, and forgot the plot almost immediately.



The Pawnshop No. 8 / 第8號當鋪  – [2003 | ON HOLD]
This drama is probably the longest tw-drama I’ve ever watched, or heard of (aprox 150 eps). I started watching it when it was airing on tv, but once it was taken off the air wasn’t able to continue. I think it’s safe to say however, after watching ~65 episodes, that this drama was pretty good – it explored human desire, and what we are willing to give up [humanity, kindness, etc.] for what we think we want. 7.5


Perfect Two/ – [2012 | FINISHED]
Wah, this gave me Baby and I feels. Starring Vic Zhou, Xiao Xiao Bing, and Ella (from S.H.E), this movie is about the development of a father-son relationship between a depressed father and an adorable, feisty little boy. It had a minimal plot, which truly worked well in this case because watching the relationship grow was so sweet without other distractions. Romance was a possible option hinted at, but only as a future possibility. 9


Prince Turns to Frog / 王子變青蛙 – [2006 | FINISHED]
Very sweet and cute, and I think the actors were pretty good as well. Good for when you want something cute, but don’t care about groundbreaking plot. 6



Romantic Princess / 公主小妹 – [2007 | FINISHED]
Had potential. Never realized it. Frilly cute that tried to cover up the lack of chemistry between it’s leads and the lack of plot as well. I only finished it because I didn’t have my 3-episode policy then. This drama MADE me start my 3-episode policy. 2



Say Yes! / 101次求婚 – [2013 | FINISHED]
Technically this is a Mainland Chinese movie, but Godfrey Gao is in it so I’m putting it here. Very funny and refreshing, it details the odd pairing of a construction worker who has been on 99 blind dates and a young cellist who hasn’t gotten over her dead fiancé. 7


secretSecret / 不能說的秘密 – [2007 | FINISHED]
Jay Chou’s debut movie. To be honest I don’t remember much fromg the amazing soundtrack. Probably a hint as to the lack of story-line. 5.5



Skip Beat! – [2011 | FINISHED]
I was a bit wary when I found out Donghae and Siwon would be dubbed in this drama, but their acting was fairly good and it wasn’t hard to momentarily forget about the dubbing. I wasn’t too fond of the pace of the drama [I thought it was slow development wise] considering it only was 13 episodes, and felt like the ending was too abrupt. To be fair though the manga it’s based on is still ongoing. 6.5


Smiling Pasta / 微笑Pasta – [2006 | FINISHED]
Similar to Prince Turns to Frog in that it’s sweet and cute and will make you smile, but doesn’t have a lot for character development or growth. Still, the rapport between the leads is great! 6.5


M4PxP7z4_6e25c4_cSound of the Desert / 大漠谣 – [2014 | FINISHED]
One of the longest dramas I’ve watched (36 episodes), it’s a classic love triangle where the girl loves guy a, he doesn’t love her, and so she falls in love with guy b who’s been chasing her all along. I really loved the OSTs for this drama, and adored the chemistry between Eddie Peng and Cecilia Liu. A little unrealistic, but enjoyable none-the less. 8


001fd04cf34a128abf2e3bTiny Times (movie) / 小时代  [2013 | FINISHED]
fluff fluff fluff, pretty pretty pretty. The movie definition of eye-candy. 4.5


Tiny Times (drama) / 小时代 – [2014 | WATCHING]
I’m currently enjoying this MUCH more than the movie. I definitely recommend, it’s longer but the friendships are so much better established, and the fallout between Gu Li and Nan Xiang is heartbreaking.


ToGetHer1ToGetHer / 愛就宅一起 – [2009 | FINISHED]
Hated the overbearing mother figure, loved her son and Momo. It was great seeing Mars having to come to terms with his lack of fame, a sort of “wake-up call” if you will, and have Momo be the one to do it as well. Not a lot of cutesy romance here, but more character growth. 7.5



Why Why Love / 換換愛 – [2007 | FAILED]
After showing so much great angst and strong love-triangle-ness….these three went on to act in a drama which had the exact almost exactly the same character dynamics. With a worse plot and no awesome badass Mike He…it wasn’t worth it.


22 thoughts on “Drama/Movie Ratings

  1. i think you should try last year’s best drama for me…In time with you(ariel lin and chen bo lin)
    or 2010’s one of the best(for me)…the fierce wife

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Miriam! 🙂
      I’ve wanted to watch In Time With You for a while now, but somehow never got around to it. It’s on the top of my To Watch list though =]

      1. In Time With You is one of my all time favorites. The male female friendship reminds me of my daughter and her friend who have totally missed each other in timing.

  2. wow, you really have watched a lot of Jiro’s dramas. I find most Taiwanese actors to be rather fake, their interviews are so staged it’s hard to be a ‘fan’ (like watching behind-the-scenes of say, lord of the rings, make you feel like the actors are genuinely nice people who enjoy time with their co-works, but most Taiwanese actors are so ‘official’ in everything they say it’s hard to take them seriously when they’re trying to build a good public image). My mom is a big fan of these idol dramas so I’ll at least pick up everything she watches at least once. I have the same 3 episode policy as you do, and there are very, very few dramas I can actually get through. Jiro happens to be in every, single one (ISWAK 2, ToGetHer, KO1, 2, X-Family, and I’m going to finish Drama Go Go Go). I’m just really happy I found you, you seem to have similar taste in female leads!

    1. Haha yup! All unplanned too – now I’m debating whether or not I should try and watch all of his stuff since i’m 2/3 of the way there already lol. I definitely agree about the staged interviews – I feel like most Asian actors have answers prepped/a “stage persona” they adopt because of how closely they’re scrutinized by netizens.

      You should give Autumn’s Concerto or In Time With You a try – both are Jiro free but very good! 🙂

      1. Thanks, I’ve heard some good things about Autumn’s Concerto, I think i’ll give it a try this summer.

  3. Hi hi… I think you should give few dramas you have dropped another chance. La La I Do and My Lucky Stars are really good. Hi My Sweetheart is also good even though it’s lagging a bit towards the end. Show Luo’s expression is great…
    Have you watched “Corner with Love” starred by Barbie Hsu and Show Luo? I think that you will like it.. I definitely agree with your friend above.. You should watch The Fierce Wife. It’s really good!!

    1. The Fierce Wife and Corner With Love are both on my to-watch list 🙂

      Hmmm. The thing is I gave My Lucky Star 6 episodes to interest me and (unfortunately) it didn’t. I just didn’t buy their chemistry, and couldn’t remember the plot after a few days. La La I Do was too cliché for me, and there are so many new dramas coming out that I don’t think I’ll even have time to give it a second chance.

      Hi My Sweetheart…I really tried to like this one – I swear. I got 3/4 of the way through, but really didn’t like the personality switches for either of them. Nothing against the actors, the actors are great. I just didn’t like the writing style/characterization.

      (I don’t mean to be harsh and shut down all of your suggestions! 😦 It’s just that I’m so busy that a drama has to get acclaimed views or be recommended by quite a few people for me to even consider re-starting it. Thank you for recommending them though, I will keep it in mind if I ever do find myself with free time)

  4. Haha..no worries at all… 🙂 I am glad that you are still true to yourself.. 🙂
    Dramas are based on subjective preference..
    Please kindly let me know once you have finished watching The Fierce Wife and Corner With Love…
    If you don’t like those two dramas too, then I will find something amazing like BBJX for your suggestion.. Hahaha 🙂

  5. I totally agree about the effectiveness of Mars as a drama. Apparently, it’s based on a manga, right? I thought it was a first-rate psychological thriller.

    1. Mars is based on a manga, and I’ve actually considered reading it because I enjoyed the drama so much! I’ve been looking for other dramas like Mars, but haven’t found any yet :/

      1. you haven’t updated your ratings list in a really long time. are you still watching dramas or just not posting ratings anymore? been checking for updates for a really long time… 😦

      2. Hey judy! I’m so sorry, I had to take a personal break from dramas entirely. I’ve heard some great things about Back to 1989, which I’ll probably be checking out within the next week. Rock Records in Love, albeit having a cheesy name, stars well known TW actors in short standalone episodes, and I’ve also heard great things about it. Sorry again for making you wait so long! 😦

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