27. Favorite Asian drama(s) of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010


2007: Coffee Prince

2008: Fated To Love You

2009: Black and White

2010: Sungkyunkwan Scandal


2007: Hana Kimi, Corner With Love, Summer x Summer, Coffee Prince

2008: Fated to Love You, Story of Time, A Journey Called Life, Moonlight Resonance

2009: Starlit, Mo Nu 18 Hao, Beyond the Realm of Conscience

2010: The Fierce Wife, Autumn’s Concerto, Down With Love, A Fistful of Stances, Can’t Buy Me Love, Secret Garden, Prosecutor Princess


23. What are your top 5 Asian dramas?


1. Black and White

2. Coffee Prince

3. You’re Beautiful

4. ISWAK/TKA (I think of them as one)



1. Secret Garden

2. Face to Fate

3. A Journey Called Life

4. Full House

5. Autumn’s Concerto

19. Have you rewatched an Asian drama more than 3 times? if yes, which one.


NOPE. I don’t like to rewatch dramas because I already know everything that happens. Max I’ll ever rewatch something is once (so a total of two times). For some reason though, adaptations are fine (mostly because I watch for changes/additional scenes).


Some dramas I’ve re-watched 3+ times include Secret Garden (Korean), A Journey Called Life (Hong Kong), and The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000 version (Hong Kong). I’ve never re-watched a Taiwanese drama 3+ times, because although there are ones I really enjoy and will re-watch maybe once, they don’t tend to be as compelling as Canto dramas, hehe. And Secret Garden was just amazing! I really don’t like fantasy and magical realism, but I absolutely loved the plotline and characters/pairs in Secret Garden! Of course there were aspects I didn’t like as well, but it was overall good enough for me to watch and re-watch! And period dramas are one’s that I’m more likely to re-watch, just because (in case you haven’t already realized) I love historical/period dramas J