27. Favorite Asian drama(s) of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010


2007: Coffee Prince

2008: Fated To Love You

2009: Black and White

2010: Sungkyunkwan Scandal


2007: Hana Kimi, Corner With Love, Summer x Summer, Coffee Prince

2008: Fated to Love You, Story of Time, A Journey Called Life, Moonlight Resonance

2009: Starlit, Mo Nu 18 Hao, Beyond the Realm of Conscience

2010: The Fierce Wife, Autumn’s Concerto, Down With Love, A Fistful of Stances, Can’t Buy Me Love, Secret Garden, Prosecutor Princess


24. Favorite character (your favorite actor/actress) has ever played


My favourite characters would probably be Chen Zai Tian (Vic Zhou) and Chen Lin (Ivy Chen) from Black and White. I also might or might not ship them irl….


day 24

This is such a hard question, because there are many actors/actresses that deserve recognition for certain roles that they’ve played!!!  So there is going to be a three-way tie 😛  My favorite character Vic Zhou has played is Ah B from Perfect Two—Vic was just amazing!  I could sense the love he had for his son, and his maturity level made his role as a father believable.  My favorite character Jiro Wang has played is Jin Xiu Yi from Hana Kimi—Jiro did a wonderful job as the goofy, cheerful, adorably ignorant Xiu Yi.  My favorite character Kingone Wang has played is Jing Cai Ge from Next Heroes—Kingone did a very touching job as the melancholic/intense, dark, secretive mob boss/police officer.

23. What are your top 5 Asian dramas?


1. Black and White

2. Coffee Prince

3. You’re Beautiful

4. ISWAK/TKA (I think of them as one)



1. Secret Garden

2. Face to Fate

3. A Journey Called Life

4. Full House

5. Autumn’s Concerto

15. Favorite drama season and why. (ex. summer2007)


Erm…I think every drama season has good and bad ones. But I guess 2009 was a pretty good year because it aired You’re Beautiful, ToGetHer, Black and White, BOF (okay okay this wasn’t the best drama but comeon, it was pretty addictive nonetheless), and Liar Game 2! Some popular dramas that I didn’t have the chance to watch include Autumn’s Concerto (2009-2010), Mr. Brain, Love Shuffle, and Easy Fortune Happy Life.


I couldn’t find a single drama season that I especially liked, so I’m going to broaden it to a year. The best drama year in my opinion was 2010. Some of the highlight dramas that I enjoyed that year were The Fierce Wife, Autumn’s Concerto, Down With Love, Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban, Personal Taste (Personal Preference), Secret Garden, and Prosecutor Princess. Some other ones that I didn’t watch or enjoy as much, but were popular, include Playful Kiss, Hi My Sweetheart, Endless Love (in which Wilbur Pan got Best Actor Award), Summer’s Desire, and Year of the Rain. Overall, it was a very good year filled with a variety of genres of dramas, ranging from fun and youthful to serious.

Day 16: Your favorite actress?


I guess it’s only fitting that my favourite actress is not only a TW actress, but Vic Zhou’s OTP in Black and White. Ivy Chen is probably the most cheerful person I have ever seen, all of her behind the scenes show her laughing and smiling. Her works are pretty diverse too, and she has played a phenomenal range of characters. I really enjoyed her in Black and White, Hear Me, and Skip Beat!


I originally thought that the first drama I watched with her was Black and White, but it turns out she was a guest on Smiling pasta on episode 16 or something…. either way she’s phenomenal and you should check out her work!

tumblr_me9f3eDFyf1rbvwu9o1_400(this scene is from Black and White, where Ivy Chen is taunting the detectives who are trying to interrogate/intimidate her)