Upcoming Taiwanese Summer Dramas 2016

Heya Everyone!

So since I only have one more week of finals to go, I’ve been itching to start watching dramas. Here’s a list of upcoming Taiwanese dramas I’ve seen, as well as a little aside about whether or not I’ll tune in.


Devil Game [劣人傳之詭計]

This is a Taiwanese web drama that focuses on the darker sides of human nature. It’s a suspense/horror style trilogy, and the first one “Game” is currently airing. The description reads: “Mankind often chooses to run away from things we don’t like, things we’ve done badly. We are unwilling to think of our darker natures, but they linger forever at the bottom of our hearts.We just don’t know when in our lives it’ll spring forth, and rob us of our humanity.”

Pretty grim and dramatic, but it looks interesting! I’ll be tuning into this one soon ^_^

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/devilgamedrama/timeline
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedevilgamedrama/

[26 episodes: June 8-August]


Better Man [我的極品男友]

This drama focuses on three brothers who are all wealthy, good looking, and smart, but who all shun any romantic notions. The oldest only has dreams of furthering his catering business, the second  works in the entertainment industry, while the third is the new CEO of the family empire. How will the three react when they each meet someone who turns their perfect little worlds upside down?

80 eps, and 3 brothers looking for romance? eh…. Sorry, I’m probably skipping this one.


[80 episodes: June 1 to September 20]


Metro of Love [台北愛情捷運故事]

6 love stories set against the backdrop of the Taipei Metro…where each love story surrounds a different line.

Uh, I see you Taipei MRT company, and what you’re trying to do. You’re super handy and all but I think I’ll skip this one too (sorry Chris Wu).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/METROofLOVE/

[20 episodes: April 1 to August 12]


KO One Remember [終極一班4]

Another KO sequel. Three students join the Ultimate class, but the female leader is missing. Ultimate Class’s leader is also missing.

Skip. Never watched the first, and although i might, since this franchise is very popular (original series, parent story, and sequel), I don’t think this fourth instalment will be my cup of tea.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GTVretask4/?fref=nf

[40 episodes: June 27 to September]


Swimming Battle [飛魚高校生]

Starring Kingone Wang, this drama revolves around…swimming competitions and pool side love stories. I haven’t been able to find much yet, they’ll probably be releasingbe releasing more information as time gets closer.

Sorry Kingone, skip.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SETSwimmingBattle/

[? episodes: July 1 to November 30]


Prince of Wolf

This drama stars Amber An and Derek Chang in a story about a young boy who went missing on vacation, but never truly forgot his human mannerisms. Smart, agile, and strong, he saves a photographer when she almost fell down a hole.

I’m not sure about whether or not I’ll watch this. I’m not the biggest Amber fan after watching the beginning of the Apple of my Eye, so maybe I’ll just watch the first episode. Plot seems hard to believe, but I enjoyed Sound of the Desert which has a young girl who was raised by wolves so… :/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SETPrinceOfWolf/timeline
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dramasettv/

[20 episodes: July 3 to November 13]

Aaaaaand that’s it! Let me know which ones you guys are interested in, and whether or not I missed any! 🙂



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Li Jian Qing – The World I Pacified for You (李劍青 – 為你平定的天下) Song Translation

Hey Guys! I’m not sure if you’re aware of Da Mo Yao (Sound of the Desert), but it’s a Chinese drama starring Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng. Nee Nee and HeiSui are also watching it, and it’s wrapping up this coming week! I really loved the opening OST as soon as I heard it, and finally had time to translate the lyrics with Purpletarocandy! Continue reading “Li Jian Qing – The World I Pacified for You (李劍青 – 為你平定的天下) Song Translation”

2013 Sanli Entertainment Television Awards Ceremony


Recently (well, in the end of December 2013), the Sanli Entertainment Company celebrated its Awards Ceremony, and the voting was broken down in the following way: 30%: Sanli staff/behind the scenes personnel, 30%: fans/audience, 30%: reporters/media/paparazzi, 40%: acting/drama professionals.

So below are the nominees as well as winners in bold!  Of course, I also couldn’t resist to add some of my own reactions to the results, as well as some fun highlights from the Awards Ceremony.

Online Popularity Award

  • Lin Yo Wei [Two Fathers]
  • George Hu [Love Around]
  • Annie Chen [Love Around]
  • Aaron Yan [Just You]
  • Puff Guo [Just You]
  • Cyndi Wang [Second Life]
  • Chris Wang [Love Family]
  • Yao Yuan Hao [Déjà Vu]

3 popularity

  • Comment: I might be offending many of you out there, but I’m not a huge fan of Aaron.  I’ve seen quite a few of his dramas (MIT, Gloomy Salad Days, Alice in Wonder City etc.) but I don’t think he has a large enough range of characters/acting personalities.  He always just seems like the cold-hearted (rich) character with few words and a wall built up around himself to protect his vulnerable heart…it does start to get old…

Best Chinese Representative Star (sorry for the bad translation…)

  • Chris Wang

4 rising star

Most Foolishly Sentimental

  • Ke Shu Qing [A Hint of You]
  • Fang Wen Ling [A Hint of You]
  • Wang Juan [Love Around]
  • Yang Li Yin [Just You]
  • Li Zhi Qing [Second Life]

Best Noona-Killer

  • Zhang Guo Zhu [Two Fathers]
  • Jian Chang [Love Around]
  • Shen Meng Sheng [Just You]
  • Bo Lei [Second Life]
  • Ai Wei [Second Life]

Best Tearjerker

  • Lin Yo Wei/Le Le [Two Fathers]
  • George Hu/Annie Chen [Love Around]
  • Aaron Yan/Puff Guo [Just You]
  • Xie Kun Da/Cyndi Wang [Second Life]
  • Yao Yuan Hao/Mandy Wei [Déjà Vu]

6 tearjerker

  • Comment: I’m super happy for Lin Yo Wei and Le Le, because I remember the scene that they showed in the nomination clip, and it was quite a heart-wrenching one.  As a father himself, I think Yo Wei did a very good job of expressing that fear of losing his daughter as well as the anger that emerges once they find her.  He’s angry that he she didn’t listen and ran away, angry that she’s capable of causing him so much worry and fear, but he’s also angry that he didn’t protect her well enough.  Like people say, when parents spank/slap their children (literally or hypothetically), the parent is always the one that hurts more, and I think Yo Wei and Le Le’s relationship and this scene definitely portrays that.

Best Child Star

  • Lan Ai Zi [Lady Maid Maid]
  • Le Le [Two Fathers]
  • Qu Xiao You [Two Fathers]
  • Zhang Ting Yi [Two Fathers]
  • Zhao Yi Cheng [Love Family]

7 le le

  • Comment: Le Le had the largest role within her drama, is the most mature for her age, and acts so naturally that there was no doubt the award would go to her.  It was awkward that they had Le Le, Xiao You, and Ting Yi present the award together though.  I understand that the three of them are the trio of friends in Two Fathers, but they are, after all, kids still–and kids get jealous and upset.  When the award was given to Le Le, Ting Yi had to stand by her side and watch her get the award as the hosts asked her and Xiao You how they felt about it.  It’s hard enough for adults to put on a fake smile and congratulate someone else for getting an award, how can you expect a child to do that?  So Ting Yi (who acted as Xiao Wei in Two Fathers) broke into tears and said that Le Le already got an award with Lin Yo Wei (implying that things should be fair and that someone else should get this award…).  Sigh…poor choice on the company or whoever organized the ceremony’s part…

Best On-Screen Couple (OTP)

  • Michael Zhang/Li Qian Na [A Hint of You]
  • George Hu/Annie Chen [Love Around]
  • Aaron Yan/Puff Guo [Just You]
  • Xie Kun Da/Cyndi Wang [Second Life]
  • Chris Wang/Serena Fang [Love Family]
  • Yao Yuan Hao/Mandy Wei [Déjà Vu]

11 aaron

  • Comment: Puff wasn’t there, so Aaron was the only one who came up for the award.  This night was a pretty successful one for him and for Just You as well.  Also, Yao Yuan Hao and Mandy Wei were asked to present the award together, which they were very cooperative and cute.  Again though, why they would choose a pair that was also nominated to present the award is beyond me–it’s like they’re asking for awkward situations…Good thing they are adults and were professional about it!


Best Kiss

  • Michael Zhang/Li Qian Na [A Hint of You]
  • Leroy Young/Megan Lai [Two Fathers]
  • George Hu/Annie Chen [Love Around]
  • Aaron Yan/Puff Guo [Just You]
  • Xie Kun Da/Cyndi Wang [Second Life]
  • Yao Yuan Hao/Mandy Wei [Déjà Vu]

15 kiss

  • Comment: I’m glad the award went to Kun Da and Cyndi, and not the typical super romantic/emotional/PDA-filled kiss.  This scene was adorable and sweet in its own way, especially with the first part where they both turn their heads to the right and wonder where the other person is 😛 I know a lot of people complain about pairs having so much chemistry and so much potential, but then the kiss isn’t real enough or good enough, but this proves that although it may be a very simple peck on the lips with no movement, it portrays the innocence and butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling associated with first love and shows that sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Overseas Popularity Award

  • Lin Yo Wei [Two Fathers]
  • George Hu [Love Around]
  • Annie Chen [Love Around]
  • Aaron Yan [Just You]
  • Puff Guo [Just You]
  • Cyndi Wang [Second Life]
  • Chris Wang [Love Family]
  • Yao Yuan Hao [Déjà Vu]

16 george hu

  • George wasn’t in Taiwan so he made a clip of his thank-you message.  I’m really happy that he got this award, because I was actually hoping he’d get the  Online Popularity Award, but this makes up for it 😉 I haven’t seen all of Love Around (it’s definitely on my To Watch list!) but I’ve seen clips here and there of him and Annie, and I think they’re both really talented, have improved a lot, and had very good chemistry in the drama!  I’ve also recently watched him in Prince Lanling and although he was only a side character that was like the comedic relief and the goofy, quirky one, it shows that he can act in modern-day dramas as well as historic/period dramas, and that he’s met all sorts of acting challenges well and is becoming more and more of a well-rounded, skilled actor.

Best Actress

  • Li Qian Na [A Hint of You]
  • Megan Lai [Two Fathers]
  • Annie Chen [Love Around]
  • Puff Guo [Just You]
  • Cyndi Wang [Second Life]
  • Mandy Wei [Déjà Vu]

18 bestactress

  • Comment: Annie also didn’t attend the ceremony and had a clip prepared.  To be honest, I was hoping Megan Lai might win this award because I really liked her in Two Fathers, but I do think that Annie deserved this award.  I’ve seen her in Prince & Princess 2 (her first drama), Volleyball Lover, to Inborn Pair, to Love Around, and I do think that her acting has improved a lot and become much more natural.

Best Actor

  • Michael Zhang [A Hint of You]
  • Lin Yo Wei [Two Fathers]
  • George Hu [Love Around]
  • Aaron Yan [Just You]
  • Chris Wang [Love Family]
  • Yao Yuan Hao [Déjà Vu]

17 bestactor

  • Comment: WELL DESERVED! The number of times I’ve talked about Two Fathers, how much I liked the drama, and how much I like the actors/actresses…need I say more? 😀 P.S. If you like Lin Yo Wei, I would highly recommend the 2011 drama Next Heroes–he was a cop and did a very good job, and also acted alongside Megan Lai!

Most Popular TV Series (completely voted on by the audience)

  • A Hint of You
  • Two Fathers
  • Love Around
  • Just You
  • Love Family
  • Déjà Vu

  • Comment: I would’ve really liked to see Two Fathers (of course), Love Around, or even A Hint of You to win this award.  I think Just You has definitely overshadowed a lot of other good dramas, especially becuase I’ve watched interviews etc. on A Hint of You for example, and they put a lot of money and effort into filming/production, and even got special cameras to film the food and cooking processes in high definition! I have heard many good things about Just You and about the great chemistry between Aaron and Puff, but despite all of this, I still couldn’t bring myself to watch it… I’m not a huge fan of Aaron as I mentioned earlier, and although Puff is very cute and is very humble/doesn’t seem to use or abuse her beauty, I think her acting still has a bit of room for improvement.

Ceremony Highlights

-Della Ding is a super talented singer that has sung many theme/ending/insert songs for dramas, and this night, she performed three of her songs: It’s Not Your Fault (不是你的錯) from Inborn Pair, Don’t Ask (不要問) from Love Family, I Love Him (我愛他) from Autumn’s Concerto.  Side note, I’m absolutely in love with her recent song, Heart of Palms (手掌心), that’s the ending song for the period drama Prince Lanling/Lan Ling Wang! (Redbeanmochi has a post about the OST–check it out if you haven’t already!)

8 della

-Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao), who awarded the Most Foolishly Sentimental Award and the Best Noona-Killer Award, just recently received the Best New Actress Award at the Golden Horse Award Ceremony


-Lego Li and Kirsten Ren (Ren Rong Xuan) from In A Good Way awarded the Best Kiss Award.


They started off by complimenting each other on how successful and well talked-about each other’s dramas were (lol), and Rong Rong even joked about the fans creating a nickname for Lego: Picachuan (after Pikachu, since Lego’s name in the drama is Chuan).  They talked about first on-screen kiss experiences, Lego also made fun of Rong Rong’s smile, and she teasingly hit him and complained that he’s always making fun of her.  Everyone teased that they are already a couple 😛  The hosts even tried to get the two to rub noses for the camera, but they finally settled with holding hands and gazing deeply into each other’s eyes ❤

gazeSide note, I wasn’t a huge fan of Lego’s slicked back hair… But Rong Rong was wearing a knee-length black dress with her hair down, which was very simple and sweet (well…minus the large bow).