It Started With a Kiss…TW Remake?

I guess the TW dramaland folks have decided a decade is enough time to remake It Started With a Kiss, fondly known by its fans as ISWAK. The original aired in 2005, which I still can’t believe was 11 years ago..until I see the fashions and filming quality from back then haha. I made a post previously about ISWAK and it’s many remakes (K-drama, J-drama), and now it’s getting a revamp back in its native country. Err..sort of native country, since to be fair it was inspired by a Japanese manga.  Continue reading “It Started With a Kiss…TW Remake?”


TW Summer 2015 Dramas

Alright so these are more like Spring/Summer 2015 dramas, but hey, life’s not perfect.

First up… Continue reading “TW Summer 2015 Dramas”

Back in Blogging

Hey friends!

Long time no see blog  talk? But regardless, my four month hiatus is officially over, now that I’ve graduated university! (bring on grad school in asia!) 🙂 Greengrassjelly also graduated this year, and she’ll be joining me back on Give Me Dramas once again as soon as she wraps up. Continue reading “Back in Blogging”

Personal Haitus

Hey Guys!

Long time no see, eh? I hope this new year has been going pretty swell for all of you so far, and now that January is starting to wrap up I hope it’s a bit less chilly wherever you are 🙂

If you haven’t noticed (which, to be honest, you probably have), I’ve been slacking these past few months on posts for Give Me Dramas. I cranked out half the number of posts in 2014 that I did in 2013, and it’s likely not going to be much better this year.
I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, Continue reading “Personal Haitus”

2014 End of Year Review!

Wow, another year has flown by and I am starting to feel really old….Which, numerically isn’t true, but man does it seem like dramaland across all countries keeps churning out more and more dramas. This is my first time doing a year end review, so go easy on me! I was also really busy this year, and unfortunately ended up dropping a lot of dramas or putting them on hold! Continue reading “2014 End of Year Review!”