Taiwanese Movies Summer/Fall 2016

Hey Guys!

I’ve seen a lot of advertising lately in the subway for Taiwanese movies. Some have been more heavily promoted than others, but they definitely seem to be a different style than the typical TW drama rom-com. Today I’m going to be sharing two of the more heavily marketed ones I’ve seen.

3The first is called Happy Dorm, it’s about a guys dorm that has no wifi or library, so they’re bored out of their minds. To combat this, they….decide to wage war on the neighbouring girls dorm by scaring them, sneaking in, and trying to spy on them changing. Er… ok? The girls get fed up and wage war back. Cue shenanigans, dirty jokes, and obviously some couples getting together.

You can find it on My Drama List here


The second is called Ace of Sales, and brings Bianca Bai and Lin Mei Xun (everyone’s favourite TW drama mom) back together. It focuses on the fight between two main characters to become the top selling consultant on the TV shopping network. It appears as though they go way back to supermarket try outs, and from the trailer it’s apparent that one has brains, the other has beauty.


What do you guys think? Anything worth checking out?


15. Favorite drama season and why. (ex. summer2007)


Erm…I think every drama season has good and bad ones. But I guess 2009 was a pretty good year because it aired You’re Beautiful, ToGetHer, Black and White, BOF (okay okay this wasn’t the best drama but comeon, it was pretty addictive nonetheless), and Liar Game 2! Some popular dramas that I didn’t have the chance to watch include Autumn’s Concerto (2009-2010), Mr. Brain, Love Shuffle, and Easy Fortune Happy Life.


I couldn’t find a single drama season that I especially liked, so I’m going to broaden it to a year. The best drama year in my opinion was 2010. Some of the highlight dramas that I enjoyed that year were The Fierce Wife, Autumn’s Concerto, Down With Love, Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban, Personal Taste (Personal Preference), Secret Garden, and Prosecutor Princess. Some other ones that I didn’t watch or enjoy as much, but were popular, include Playful Kiss, Hi My Sweetheart, Endless Love (in which Wilbur Pan got Best Actor Award), Summer’s Desire, and Year of the Rain. Overall, it was a very good year filled with a variety of genres of dramas, ranging from fun and youthful to serious.