23. What are your top 5 Asian dramas?


1. Black and White

2. Coffee Prince

3. You’re Beautiful

4. ISWAK/TKA (I think of them as one)



1. Secret Garden

2. Face to Fate

3. A Journey Called Life

4. Full House

5. Autumn’s Concerto


13. Favorite female character in an Asian drama.


Favourite Female Character: Go Eun-Chan from Coffee Prince


Played by Yoon Eun Hye, Go Eun Chan is a hardworking 24 year old who has numerous jobs to support her mother and sister’s flippant views towards spending. She cut her hair because it was easier to take care of, and as such is easily mistaken for a boy. In fact, Choi Han Gyul mistakes her for a man and hires her as his gay lover to ward off unwanted blind dates. I chose Eun Chan because of her friendly, easy going personality – she is loyal and dedicated, passionate about life, and funny to boot. I would love to have her as a friend.



My favorite female character in an Asian drama is Yin Ye Loi from Face to Fate, played by Selena Li. She’s a strong, independent, capable woman who is family oriented (cares for her mother-in-law and stepson), runs her own inn/restaurant, and knows martial arts! As you guys can probably tell from my various comments/responses, I really like martial arts, haha!

04. Favorite couple in an Asian drama.



PANDA AND HEDGEHOG’S Choi Won Il and Go Seung Ji. Bromance to the max! (No seriously, I couldn’t stand Pan Da Na at the end of the series and only finished the last few episodes for the food and the bromance).


But for a real romantic couple, it’s a tie between Coffee Prince and Queen In-hyun’s Man. Cutest couples ever 🙂 I’ll let the photos and videos do the talking (though I just want to point out that the lead couple Queen In-hyun’s Man became a real life couple….)


I had a hard time choosing my favorite Asian drama couple, so I will choose one modern drama couple and one period drama couple 🙂 So my two favorite couples come from Down With Love and Face to Fate. The Taiwanese drama Down With Love stars Ella Chen and Jerry Yan, and the Cantonese drama Face to Fate stars Selena Li and Raymond Lam. From watching interviews and behind the scenes etc., Jerry seems to have an uptight, serious personality, while Ella is very bubbly, extroverted, and cheerful. Their own personalities made them very good friends in real life, and it fit their characters in the drama very well (a cold/emotionless lawyer and a carefree freelance worker) to create very good on-screen chemistry. Of course, Ella is happily married now, but I love how her electric personality was able to bring out more of Jerry’s emotions both on-screen and off-screen! As for Face to Fate, Selena initially hated Raymond’s character and they were always bickering, but the two of them slowly grew to appreciate each other. So cute, hehe 😛 They both were family-oriented, knew martial arts, and Raymond’s character was also a doctor and at one point saved Selena’s step-son! They were just so compatible!

facefate2      facefate1