Celebrity Instagrams Pt. 6

Hey Guys! I’ve got some more instagrams for you.. and yes a lot of them are from The Devil Game (newbie actors!)


Chen Zhi Wan: https://www.instagram.com/okgogooo/

Daniel Mu Chen: https://www.instagram.com/danielmuchen/

Kang Yong Cai (host of Kang Xi Lai Le): https://www.instagram.com/kangyongcai/

Kunda Hsieh: https://www.instagram.com/hsieh_kunda/

Li Chung Lin: https://www.instagram.com/chunglin0920/

Mian Mian: https://www.instagram.com/mianmian0309/

Yao Yao : https://www.instagram.com/yaokuo/

小S/Xiao S (host of Kang Xi Lai Le): https://www.instagram.com/elephantdee/


Celebrity Instagrams Pt. 5

Part 5 of the instagram accounts! Remember to check out the masterpost for the complete list! 🙂 Continue reading “Celebrity Instagrams Pt. 5”

Celebrity Instagrams Pt. 4


Part 4 of the instagram series! 🙂 Remember to check the masterpost for the fully updated version! Continue reading “Celebrity Instagrams Pt. 4”

Celebrity Instagrams Pt. 3

Part 3 of celebrity instagrams! 🙂 Always remember to check the masterlist for them all though!


Blackie Chen: http://instagram.com/blackielovelife
Christine Fan: http://instagram.com/christinefan
Danson Tang: http://instagram.com/dt_0902
Eddie Peng: http://instagram.com/yuyanpeng
Godfrey Gao: http://instagram.com/godfreygao
Joe Cheng: http://instagram.com/joseph820619
Sonia Sui: http://instagram.com/suitangtang
Sunny Wang: http://instagram.com/sunnyboyyy
Yumi (BY2): http://instagram.com/yumisecrets

Celebrity Instagrams Pt 2.

More instagrams to share/feature! Never fear, the original post is updated with these new instagram accounts 🙂


Alien Huang: http://instagram.com/aes_alien
Angelababy (Not Taiwanese, but she’s been in Taiwanese Films): http://instagram.com/angelababyct
Cindy Wang: http://instagram.com/cyndiloves2sing
Janet Hsieh (Host of FUN Taiwan): http://instagram.com/janetagram
Jasper Liu: http://instagram.com/ryu19860812
Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit): http://instagram.com/jirorocker
Miss Ko: http://instagram.com/misskonyc
Show Luo: http://instagram.com/showlostage
Tia Li (Dreamgirls): http://instagram.com/leeyufen