Taiwan 2016 Golden Horse Awards

Hey Guys!

This past weekend was the 53rd Golden Horse Awards (see 2014 and 2013 here). Awards were a little more spread out compared with the last time I recapped the ceremony in 2014, but again, feel free to skip past the awards if you’re more interested in the fashion.


Best Feature Film: The Summer is Gone
Best Director: Feng Xiao Gang for I am Not Madame Bovary
Best Leading Actor: Fan Wei for Mr. No Problem
Best Leading Actress (Joint Winners): Zhou Dong Yu and Ma Sichun for Soul Mate
Best Supporting Actor: Lin Po-hung for At Cafe 6
Best Supporting Actress: Elain Jin for Mad World
Best Documentary: Le Moulin
Best Short Film: A Sunny Day
Best New Director: Wong Chun for  Mad World
Best New Performer: Kong Wei Yi for The Summer is Gone
Best Original Screenplay: Trivis.a
Best Adapted Screenplay: Mr. No Problem
Best Cinematography: Crosscurrent
Best Visual Effects: Mojin-The Lost Legend
Best Art Direction: Chao Shih Hao for Godspeed
Best Makeup and Costume Design: Stanley Cheung for Detective Chinatown
Best Action Choreography: Wu Gang for Detective Chinatown
Best Original Film Score: Lim Giong for City of Jade
Best Original Film Song: Arena Cahaya
Best Film Editing: Trivis.a
Best Sound Effects: Crosscurrent
Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Midi Z
Lifetime Achievement Award: Chang Yung-hsiang
Audience Choice Award: I am Not Madame Bovary
FIPRESCI Prize: The Summer is Gone


Shu Qi is the fan favourite from what people have said online, and I’m inclined to agree. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her dress, and very classy. I like how she let the dress shine by keeping her hair simple, and not wearing too much jewelry.


My second favourite has to be Ann Hsu, who wore a white gown with embellishments and a train. Over the top? Almost, but I thought she stood out and pulled it off among the sea of nude and white. I do not, however, like the wet hair look…


Let’s check out the back and the train shall we? I’m such a sucker for backless/nearly backless dresses.


Fan Bing Bing is widely applauded as a fashionista, however this dress was just boring. The colour was standout among the muted dresses, but the shape and decorations were nothing special.


Li Xing’s dress looks more like bridal wear.


The two leading lady winners, Zhou Dong Yu and Ma Si Chun looked adorable on the red carpet. I prefer Zhou Dong Yu’s (left) for its simplicity and structure, although I do wish it was a bolder colour. Ma Si Chun’s is alright, but not standout.


Cue the black and white…

I’m torn with regards to Gui-Lun Mei’s dress. Not a fan of the square shoulders, but the detailing is lovely. I do wish she let the hem touch, or almost touch the floor rather than wearing such high heels.


Ariel Lin’s dress…I’m really not a fan of the cap skirt, as I mentioned in the 2014 post that it reminded me of a cuttlefish. I don’t dislike it nearly so much here, possibly because of the clean cut and lines. Simple, elegant, but safe.


Coco Lee was a guest at the ceremony this year. I like the silhouette, it’s daring, but the colours render it a bit lackluster and the green earrings didn’t compliment. Nude, white, and black, the three colours found most often this ceremony.


Malaysian actress Angelica Lee chose a beautiful colour, but the drawstring effect on the top just reinforces the shapeless look.


fashion flops…

Qian Pei Yang wore a green pansuit, and I can’t say I care for the ruffles, the hair, or the shape in general.

Annie Chen looked a bit drab, despite the myriad of rhinestones on her dress. Boring cut, colour, and it seemed like a princess dress better suited for a sweet 16.


Actress Wu Ke Xi has my least favourite look. Another sweet 16 dress, but it checks off the sparkles, pink, flower appliques, and ballgown this time.


*Credit to CNA for the photos, which are linked from their site.


Taiwan 2013 Golden Horse Awards

Hey guys! I’m finally done with exams, just in time for all the year-end reviews and holidays. First up however, the Taiwan 2013 Golden Horse Awards, held in Taipei.

This year offered a surprising selection of winners, namely a Singapore movie for best feature. Stray Dogs and The Grandmaster swept up a large majority of the remaining awards. If the red carpet is more your taste, scroll past the awards see who dazzled and who fell flat.

Drumroll please….

Best Feature Film: Ilo. Ilo.
Best Short Film: Butter Lamp
Best Documentary: Beyond Beauty, Taiwan from Above
Best Director: Cai Ming Liang for Stray Dogs
Best New Director: Anthony Chen for Ilo. Ilo.
Best Leading Actor: Lee Kang Shen for Stray Dogs
Best Leading Actress: Zhang Zi Yi for The Grandmaster
Best Supporting Actor: Xue Jian Li for Back to 1942
Best Supporting Actress: Yeo Yann Yann for Ilo. Ilo.
Best New Performer: Shu-yau Kuo for Step Back to Glory
Best Original Film Song – I Love You (Lyrics & Composition by Spark Chen, Performed by Sleepy Dads)
Best Original Film Score – LIM Giong for A Touch of Sin
Best Original Screenplay: Anthony Chen for Ilo. Ilo.
Best Adapted Screenplay: Li Qiang for So Young
Best Cinematography: Philippe Le Sourd for The Grandmaster
Best Visual Effects: Pierre Buffin for The Grandmaster
Best Art Direction: William Chang Suk Ping, Alfred Yau Wai Ming for The Grandmaster
Best Makeup & Costume Design: William Chang Suk Ping for The Grandmaster
Best Action Choreography: Jackie Chan, He Jun, JC Stunt Team for CZ12
Best Film Editing – Matthiew Laclau, Lin Xudong for A Touch of Sin
Best Sound Effects – Tu Duu-Chih, Duo Li Chi for Soul
Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year – Yeh Ju-Feng
Audience Choice Award – The Grandmaster
FIPRESCI Prize – Rigor Mortis
Lifetime Achievement Award – Chen Chen

Lots of Monochrome filled the carpet, with silver and black being the most popular colours.

Sean Lau and Amy Kwok (HK) made a lovely couple on the red carpet. They both kept it simple, with simple accessories and colour palettes.

Maggie Cheung (HK) played it bold in a blue Elie Saab, and kept the look together by matching her shoes to the dress. Definitely one of the best dressed of the night!

Shu Qi (Taiwan) looked darling in her Valentino Couture dress. She stood out amidst the black and silver – and in my opinion had the best look!

Cherry Ngen felt a little flat for me in Lanvin – the colour looks good on her, but the bottom of the dress looks a bit awkward. She manages to pull it off with grace however, so props for that.

Carina Lau (HK) looked queen-like in Elie Saab.

Li Bing Bing’s dress was probably my third favourite of the night. She chose a silvery blue Elie Saab gown, and I love love love the lace detailing.

lots of white….

And a parade of black…

I really liked Sammi Cheng’s outfit at first…until I realized her clean cut suit also had a cape. Not too sure how I feel about it.

Sonia Sui followed the ever popular trend of a black dress, but kept it interesting with velvet details and a structured top on her Giorgio Armani dress. I really like her makeup and jewelry for the night.

Zhang Zi Yi wore two dresses, but she wore this Chanel gown on the carpet. I like it, but it doesn’t have a “wow” factor for me.

What were you thinking dresses:

I tried really hard to like this dress, I swear. It’s just…the sheer but not really sheer (or even matching her skin tone) panel threw me off, and the miniscule buckle that doesn’t do anything was just distracting.

There’s sheer lace…and then there’s sheer doilies. I think I would have liked it better if the top didn’t look like a bra.

Brigitte Lin is probably the queen diva of all actresses. Although I dearly love the colour, I think her petite frame gets lost (drowned) in the dress/top.

no red pleather. please.

The guys seemed to fare better, although to be fair they all pretty much stuck with the classic black suit.

show hosts of the evening! His quirky horse vest made me laugh – it’s perfect for the 50th anniversary.

Eddie Peng (Taiwan) was nominated for his role in “Unbeatable”, and looked dashing in his matte black suit.

Andy Lau (HK) was all smiles in his classic tux.

Aaron Kwok (HK) opted for the classic tux as well, though for some reason his pants look like they gather a bit too tightly around the ankles.

Tony Leung (HK) opted for a dark black velvet suit, which suited him rather well.

Tsai Ming Liang (Malaysia) opted for a more traditional outfit for the evening.

As did Jackie Chan…

Guys what were you thinking?

Ethan Ruan looks great from the waist up, but has a major case of flood pants down below.

Lang Lang and Denise Ho. Denise looks great, if not in a gown that could be a little more colourful. Her partner on the other hand, chose a shiny bright red suit.

This is part suit (note the tie, dress shirt, and vest underneath), part traditional dress. In my opinion however, this combination didn’t work that well.


What did you guys think?