Gift Ideas for the Drama Lover in Your Life

Christmas is only 3 days away, and you’re at a loss for what to get that person in your life who likes those newfangled “asian dramas”. Have no fear, I’m here to help you out! If you’re a drama lover yourself, feel free to casually slip these into conversation, just to give friends and family a headstart.

1. A TejiToki (pigrabbit doll) from Fabulous Boys/YAB

2. A boxed drama set off Amazon

I highly recommend both of these

3. Fabulous Boys OST

4. Prince of Lan Ling OST

5. Macaron baking sheet
because the ones in Amour et Patisserie looked too dang good

6. Pre-made Macarons
just incase the baking sheet doesn’t work out

7. Cute Stationary from Asia

8. Facemasks (I prefer Skinfood/My Beauty Diary)

So you can pamper your skin while drama watching… (note: that’s rita orr, not me!)

9. Stuff toy lion (wings optional) from Just You

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.48.13 PM

note – I wasn’t actually able to find it sold online, but I’m sure you could choose any stuffed lion and sew on wings 🙂

10. a subscription to dramafever!
this isn’t sponsored I swear (though DF, if you want, just shoot me an email 😛 ). DF offers a subscription that allows you to watch HD eps without commercials and subs. While there are other sites you can watch dramas on (sensentv is pretty good!), it’s a toss up waiting for subs/having to download (which I don’t like to do).


26. The funniest Asian drama you’ve ever seen


You’re Beautiful! Only because of the amount of meta humour though…so if you’re not familiar with Korean pop culture I’d say Hana Kimi would be a good equivalent.


ella dream

Hana Kimi hands down.  I don’t think I have laughed so hard for any other drama!  The combination of Ella and Jiro, plus the premise of the drama/manga itself, it was just all too perfect.  The actors didn’t have any “baggage” as idols either, so that opened the doors to even more silliness and scenes that were just so over-the-top/dramatic/ridiculous (in a good way of course).

23. What are your top 5 Asian dramas?


1. Black and White

2. Coffee Prince

3. You’re Beautiful

4. ISWAK/TKA (I think of them as one)



1. Secret Garden

2. Face to Fate

3. A Journey Called Life

4. Full House

5. Autumn’s Concerto

21. A picture of your favorite scene in an Asian drama


I found gifs for the first four..muahahahaha



This would be a repeat of the scenes I mentioned for Day 20, but here are some images!

Autumn’s Concerto

xiao le

Prosecutor Princess


Secret Garden


Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 7 Recap

Lots of psyche-outs in this episode, along with lots of jealousy and heartbreak. Buckle-in kids!

You can watch Fabulous Boys on Dramafever here!



We open back to the kiss at the end of episode 6, where Mei Nan had seen Tai Qing grab Xin Ning to stop her from blabbing Mei Nan’s secret. Except…Mei Nan doesn’t know that Tai Qing did it for her. No one does. Xin Yu comes upon her staring at them and gently leads her away. He takes her to the lobby to show her to fans outside, explaining that it’s normal to be in shock when you’re a fan. Seems pretty flimsy but Mei Nan believes it.

She realizes that, much like the fans, she should be congratulating Tai Qing on falling in love, not moping around about it.


Well well, turns out the kiss was a not-quite kiss. Tai Qing grabbed Xin Ning and spun her around so that it appeared as though they were kissing, but in reality they were trading insults in hushed tones. Xin Ning throws a tantrum back in the office when Tai Qing smoothly tells her that she was the one who asked for a fake relationship, and worries (once he leaves) that he might never like her. When you throw tantrums like that there’s a good chance no one will.


The rest of A.N. Jell jumps on the congratulations bandwagon as well, decorating the living room with banners and a huge spread. Tai Qing looks less than pleased when Mei Nan’s Aunt pats him on the shoulder, and downright murderous when Mei Nan congratulates him. He leaves, muttering about getting congratulations when he’s undergoing it for [her].

Mei Nan is pretty drunk by the end of the night (seriously, I thought we learned from ep 1 that this girl can’t hold liquor well, why do you still push it on her?), and Jeremy rushes to her aid to match Aunt for beer shots before encouraging her to go upstairs and sleep.


Mei Nan’s obviously drunk, because Xin Yu finds her dozing underneath the piano. When he tries to lead her out from underneath, Mei Nan shakes her head and tells him she can’t leave, because she feels useless. She’s caused Tai Qing so much trouble since the beginning, and isn’t surprised that he doesn’t like her. Still, she wants to do one thing right, and that’s sing his song (the EP) well.

Xin Yu moves to join her under the piano, but hits his head. Tai Qing walks in as Mei Nan giggles and pats Xin Yu’s head, and hides behind the doorway.


Xin Yu suggests that they practice the song, and Mei Nan closes her eyes as he plays it on the piano. She muses aloud that the song is so beautiful, it’s no wonder she became Tai Qing’s fan. Xin Yu freezes, then grabs Mei Nan’s hand and sits her down next to him. She falls asleep on his shoulder, and Xin Yu promises to stay by her side.

It seems like everyone’s in a pensive mood tonight, as we see Jeremy forlornly sitting on the deck and Tai Qing staring at his bedroom ceiling. He looks over at Mei Nan’s makeshift bed, and crossly mutters that he’ll give her hell if she doesn’t do his song justice.


Mei Nan struggles with the song however, and though technically she sings it perfectly, Jack tells her that she’s missing the emotion behind the song. It’s about two people who are madly in love, and Mark explains to Mei Nan that their love is so poignant that it pretty much “explodes with emotion”. His words, not mine.

He suggests that she try and learn this “exploding emotion” when she goes back to her village to commemorate her father’s death. Perhaps she can translate some of her emotion for her father to this song.


A.N. Jell makes a required appearance on the red carpet to promote Xin Ning’s new movie. When a reporter asks Tai Qing if he felt jealous because of the kissing scenes, Tai Qing replied “Of course (Xin Ning smiles)…not.” HAHA. All the while however, Mei Nan looks like she’s about to burst into tears because of the way Xin Ning keeps clinging to Tai Qing.

After the premiere, Xin Ning rips into Tai Qing for “not being a proper, jealous boyfriend” to which he fires back that he was being “generous”. She demands that he take her to the after party, since he’s such a “generous boyfriend”, and Tai Qing scoffs. He tells her that it’s enough that he showed his face – besides, she should be a “generous girlfriend” and let him get some rest. With that, he leaves.


Outside, Mark informs Tai Qing that Mei Nan will be leaving shortly to return to her village. Tai Qing agrees to take her, but the camera switches to show Mei Nan inviting Xin Yu to go with her. Uhoh.

Tai Qing is beyond shocked when Mei Nan breezes past him in the garage to run to Xin Yu’s car. Frustrated, he shuts down Xin Ning’s orders to take her to the after party and drives after them. Mark eagerly announces that he’ll be driving Xin Ning to her engagements, and Xin Ning sweetly asks him where Tai Qing is going.


The character web grows even more convoluted, as we see Mu Hua Lan standing infront of Mei Nan’s father’s grave. She tearily tells him that she’s re-releasing the song he wrote for her, so that the world can hear more of his songs [with her voice].

Mei Nan and her aunt pass by Mu Hua Lan on their way up the trail, but don’t recognize her behind her enormous hat. It’s only until they notice the fresh flowers on the tombstone that Mei Nan realizes the mystery lady knew her father. She runs back down, but misses the car.


Tai Qing has made it to the village, but has no idea where to find Mei Nan. He curses Mei Nan for causing him to walk so much, but gets his breath taken away by the view. He thinks inwardly that the village does have charm after all, and that the ambiance is perfect for composing.

Since the landscape is so beautiful, he decides to pull out his ipod and have an impromptu conducting session. Yeah I’m confused too.


What follows is the most hilarious scene yet. After waving his arms “conducting”, Tai Qing notices a man in Aborigine garb jumping and waving his arms. Tai Qing thinks to himself that people are so friendly, and mimics the stranger’s movements. It’s only when the man starts motioning an object that Tai Qing takes off his ear buds….to hear the man mid yell. “…run! It’s running!”

Tai Qing spins around…to see a huge bear. He collapses in a faint, and comes to when he feels the bear sniffling his neck. Tai Qing runs for his life, only stopping when the stranger tells him to calm down. He’s freaked out by grunting noises from the tall grass, which turn out to be from a cute little pig. The stranger thrusts the pig at Tai Qing, and laughs when Tai Qing squeals.


It seems that Mei Nan’s aunt is still on her make-money-from-Mei-Nan agenda, as a reporter complains that the Aunt had promised A.N.Jell, and only Mei Nan and Xin Yu are there. Aunt tells the reporter not to complain, and to appreciate the Aborigine music.


Funnily enough, Tai Qing walks in at that moment. All the reporters flock to him, and he smoothly announces that he stopped in the village because of his appreciation for native music. Mei Nan overhears the pig-man from earlier snickering that Tai Qing was the one afraid of his pig, and that he even had to change clothes. She smiles, but it quickly fades when (surprise surprise) Xin Ning shows up.


Neither Tai Qing nor Xin Ning are too happy to be in the village that night, and Tai Qing’s mood grows even worse when he sees Xin Yu and Mei Nan holding hands during a native dance. When he gets up to put an end to it, Xin Ning gets up and warns him that she’ll match him tit for tat in creating a scene. With that, she leans over to kiss Tai Qing on the cheek. The reporters lap it up, and Mei Nan freezes in shock when she sees the couple. Tai Qing looks over at her, only to see Xin Yu’s head in front of hers (and thus appearing as though he is kissing Mei Nan).

Even more frustrated now, he fake-cheerily tells the reporters that he’s in a great mood now, and kissing Xin Ning back on the cheek before taking off. Xin Ning stands in surprise, and thinks to herself that even though the relationship is fake, eventually it will become real.


Mei Nan is busy drinking away her sorrows when Tai Qing walks up to her demanding a talk, and she haphazardly follows him into the woods. They sit together and look up at the stars. Mei Nan promises to stay by Tai Qing’s side, and reveals that after her family, Tai Qing is the most important to her. She wobbles a bit while repenting her sins, and Tai Qing tells her to lie down so as not to harm herself.


As they gaze up at the night sky, Tai Qing remarks that he’s amazed he can see the stars – normally he’s only able to see the moon shining down. Mei Nan asks why the moon can’t be considered a star, and Tai Qing explains that the moon only reflects the light of the sun, since it doesn’t emit any light of its own it can’t be considered a star.

Mei Nan is awed by his knowledge, and asks if he reads a lot. Tai Qing answers that, “When you grow up alone, there are only two things in the world that are loyal – books and music. Aw 😦

The metaphor talk begins, as Mei Nan says that the moon is an ever-constant companion also, always following the sun. She dubs the moon useless however, since it’s only visible at night, and with the sun’s light at that. Tai Qing responds that even so, he rather likes the moon since even with the myriad of stars out there, the moon is the only object he can see in the night sky. Mei Nan comments that there’s only one special star that she can see right now (cough cough Tai Qing), and Tai Qing asks what kind of star shines so brightly that she can pick it out from the sea of them above.

Mei Nan: The star shines so brightly and is so popular. I’m just a regular person amidst a sea of people secretly liking this star. I’m so afraid to ask…can I like you?

It’s unclear whether or not Tai Qing heard the last bit, and Mei Nan covers her face when he turns to look at her. Their conversation is interrupted however, when Tai Qing hears rustling in the bushes. He worries that it’s a rabbit, telling her that rabbits may look cute, but once you get close they’re dangerous and bloodthirsty. LOL. He proceeds to show her a scar that he got, and then points at her, declaring that she’s just like a rabbit, cute but deadly. Mei Nan thinks to herself that it’s true, she’s just a rabbit on the moon (chinese mythology, oh show how I love thee) secretly liking a special star.


Mei Nan hasn’t returned from the village yet, and the boys are despondent in her absence. We see her hanging up Tai Qing’s bear/pig chase clothing, and she wonders to herself why she misses him so much.

A flashback is shown of Mei Nan stumbling upon Xin Ning in the village. Xin Ning had asked her where she [Mei Nan] and Tai Qing had gone, and had manipulatively asked Mei Nan not to take up so much of Tai Qing’s time. Xin Ning worked the guilt trip, saying that she only wanted to spend as much quality time with her boyfriend as possible.


Mei Nan tries to sing the song again (for those of you wondering it’s called Can’t Stop Love), and her emotion is palpable this time around. She begins to cry when Tai Qing walks in the studio however, and bolts as soon as the song finishes.

Though Tai Qing runs after her, he can’t find her right away. Mark explains that Mei Nan and Xin Yu were being “weird” before the recording session, and he things that Mei Nan took the “exploding feelings” too literally and…exploded her feelings onto Xin Yu. Tai Qing doesn’t look convinced, until he sees Xin Yu comforting Mei Nan on the rooftop deck.


Mei Nan cries in a park by herself, and wonders aloud how she can stop crying. A voice calls out to her, and she looks up to see Jeremy smiling at her. He pulls her away, telling her that they have to celebrate her EP success. He takes her to an amusement park, but Mei Nan stays gloomy the entire time. She asks Jeremy if he knows any ways to get all of her tears out (and stop crying), and he gleefully takes her on a drop tower ride. They go to eat spicy food afterwards, and they both cry from the pain. In the evening, Jeremy tells Mei Nan that he’ll show her his deepest, darkest secret, and motions for her to get on a bus.



I think Tai Qing had some serious sun-fever in this episode. Conducting? Like that? And trying to mimic the stranger instead of taking your earbuds out? Sheesh. I’m a bit disappointed about the song scene though, on three counts. The first is that they didn’t use the original K-version like the J-drama  did, the second that a lot of the emotion felt lacking – in the other two versions tears were streaming down her face as she sang her heart out, thirdly…it wasn’t Su Li Wen (the actress who plays Mei Nan)’s voice. Sigh.

I like that Xin Ning wasn’t afraid to cause a scene though – she definitely can match Tai Qing tit for tat on that respect. She’s jealous and fake, but I can’t help feeling bad for her when she clings to a slim hope that one day Tai Qing might like her. This is something the TW drama added in, and I think it really adds to her character because deep down she’s just a girl that has a crush and doesn’t know what to do to get said crush to like her back or pay attention to her. I’m not saying she’s going about it the right way, but I do empathize with with her for once.