To Watch List

My current list of dramas I want to watch! There will be quite a few 2011 dramas on here because I had zero time to watch anything last year :( Cross out means that I’m watching it right now. Any recommendations? :D (You can also visit mydramalist to see my master list for all types of dramas.)


  1. Fabulous Boys [2013]
  2. Happy 300 Days [2013]
  3. In Time With You [2011]
  4. Office Girls [2011]
  5. Autumn’s Concerto [2009]
  6. The Fierce Wife [2010]
  7. Material Queen [2011]
  8. PS Man [2010]
  9. In Between [2012]
  10. Hayate the Combat Butler [2011]
  11. Corner With Love [2007]
  12. Inborn Pair [2011]
  13. Ring Ring Bell [2011]
  14. Starlit [2009]
  15. Next Heroes [????]
  16. My Queen [2009]

19 thoughts on “To Watch List

  1. I suggest you to watch Faith and That Winter The Wind Blows. Lee Min Ho played in Faith and Kim Bum played in TWTWB. These films plot are really, really nice..

    1. Haha those are on my BIG to-watch list on mydramalist (which has all the jdramas, kdramas, and twdramas I want to watch). I heard that Faith had a rather disappointing ending though…no?

      1. I haven’t watched a TW drama in a long time…I think the last one I tried was Skip Beat and that didn’t go over too well…I tried Two Fathers recently though and liked it, in a completely harmless, mindless kind of fun.

      2. I highly recommend In Time With You or Autumn’s Concerto if you haven’t seen them already. If you understand chinese, I’d suggest watching Amour et Patisserie (it’s currently airing with four episodes out).

        I’ve watched bits and pieces of Two Fathers, it’s cute and I really like the family dynamic, but 80 episodes is way too long for me (I need more action and drama!)

    1. haha not at all! πŸ˜€ Any opinions would be great – this isn’t even all of my TW to watch list (that’s 30+ dramas) and there is no way I’m going to finish watching them all lol.

  2. Hey Redbeanmochi, wanted to give you aheads up about a really awesome TW drama called In A Good Way. It’s only 4 episodes out, but the feels are dynamite! Koala’s Playground is recapping the series. She’s dissecting each episode with such careful clarity I thought you’d appreciate it. You may have already seen it but just in case I wanted to mention it. πŸ™‚
    Happy Drama Blogging!

    1. Hey Jafstar78!

      Thanks so much for the heads up! πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen anything drama related as of late because of my finals (five more days!). I’ll be sure to watch a few eps the minute I have time though, and post a review so we can all discuss it πŸ˜€

      Hope you’re staying warm during the holiday season!

  3. I enjoyed Autumn’s Concerto and like everyone else really got into the pairing of Vanness and Ady. Possibly Ady’s character was a bit passive in some situations. The Fierce Wife was very serious and intense, very compulsive viewing.

    1. I’m planning on marathoning Autumn’s Concerto when I get the chance (ha…unfortunately not anytime soon in the foreseeable future). πŸ™‚ I’ve also heard a multitude of good things about the Fierce Wife, but it’s also a melo and…i’m not too good with those. I’ll probably give it a shot later, but I don’t have much hope for finishing the drama.

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